Why I decided not to “Move in Silence.”

Bonjour mes amies !

Vlogging/Blogging/Content Creation has been a lesson. A lesson in resilience, consistency but primarily vulnerability.

In my short time in this space, I have experienced beaucoup highs and lows.

Mes amies who have joined me on Instagram can attest to the times I have shared my temptation to call it quits.

The exhausting and discouraging vanity metrics of likes, comments, shares, and saves in addition to the pressure always to be on, i.e., creating content.

Mes amies on Instagram (and slowly on Youtube) have also witnessed my many disappointments. There were times when I thought I’d secured a brand collaboration and out of sheer excitment I prematurely announced said collaboration to mes amies. Only to discover that the parameters, fine print or price was not to my liking. In a previous post, “Ungrateful Minority Influencer,” I shared avec mes amies the faux culture of influencing and some of the tasteless “opportunities” I have received.

After each faulty collaboration, I ask myself the same question:

Should I Start Moving in Silence?

To those who are unfamiliar with the saying “move in silence,” it essentially means that the plans or possibilities that you have should not be discussed with anyone. I believe the entire saying is along the lines of make moves (plans and goals) in silence but celebrate your success out in the open.

Will adopting such a mindset save you embarrassment or uncomfortable: how’s the (insert endeavor) coming along inquiries? Absolutely, but moving in silence also leaves you secluded, without support, and potentially blocking out people who could help you reach your goal(s.)

While the “moving in silence” concept maybe unfamiliar to many, I’m certain every culture has an “it takes a village to raise a child” proverb.

Are goals, dreams, and businesses unlike children? Like children, our goals and dreams need to be nurtured, guided, and encouraged to flourish.

When we open ourselves up and discuss the things we are actively working to achieve, we not only speak life into what we are building, but we also inadvertently inspire others to dream big.

There is a caveat that I would be remiss if I did not mention. Not everyone will encourage, guide and nurture your dreams. With that, not everyone’s opinion about your dreams and goals should be internalized.

I would be “living in a fantasy” (a Miranda, Sex & the City reference) if I said that everything I publish, post, or upload is welcomed avec open hearts, arms, and minds. Mes amies, I have received awful messages, discouraging comments, and unsolicited advice across every platform that Cappuccinos and Consignment inhabits.

But when I compare the amount of love and support that I receive to the people who have pessimistic things to say, the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

Sharing your journey avec others out loud builds community.

When I started my Youtube channel I was terrified to ask mes amies on Instagram to subscribe. I was afraid and frankly embarrassed at my low subscription and view rate (which is truly silly because I started on Instagram avec deux mes amies) and considered adopting the “move in silence” approach.

“When I get a 1,000 subscribers, I’ll share that I’ve started vlogging avec mes amies on Instagram!” I thought to myself. I’m so glad that that rationale lasted as long as it took me to think it.

Sharing my vlogging (Youtube) difficulties which includes editing, publishing, views, and following was one of the best content creation choices that I’ve made. My ability to be vulnerable connected me avec beaucoup mes amies that had been reluctant and discouraged to (re)start their blogs or vlogs because of vanity metrics and ultimately feeling alone.

You are never alone, mes amies; there is always someone, somewhere, experiencing identical doubts, frustration, and confusion as you. Speak loudly, don’t let moving in silence prevent you from cultivating a beautiful support system. Connecting avec people you may have never met in person is the beauty of the internet; use it!

When time permits, join me on Youtube. My goal is to reach 1,000 subscribers, and I know wholeheartedly that it takes a community to get me there.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Lol

    Completely agree with everything in this post. The “move in silence” philosophy perpetuates the idea that everything everybody tries is a success and if you’re not immediately successful you’re a failure. When we only post our successes without sharing in a vulnerable way that we’re making attempts that are not always fruitful. The reality is there is always something to learn from unfruitful attempts. And we don’t need to lock ourselves into the belief that only the things that turn out the way we envisioned are worth celebrating.

    • Oui, oui, oui! That’s the difficult part of being on social media; EVERYTHING is perfect! It leaves me to feel that I’m the only person failing at times. I have learned from every failure, and I will continue to share the not so glamour parts of content creation.

  2. Torvia Young

    Love this so much! I have a video right now that I made over a month ago that I was scared to upload on YouTube because of criticism or being alone, but thank God for you now giving me the push to upload the video! I have to start somewhere and that time is now! Thank you so much for this blog and and this on time message! 😘❤️

    • I’m sooooooo proud of you! Please do it! Everyone starts from somewhere; the only way we’re guaranteed to fail is if we don’t start. When I started vlogging, only two people would read. When I started my IG, I would only have ten likes. Trust the process. Your tribe will find, support and want nothing but the best from you ❤️

  3. Yes yes yes!!! I have started so many social media pages and different things because of no support. I finally mastered this lesson and learned to sow what I’ve been given and ask God to cause the increase. We were not created to be silent or we would be dead. Thank you again Jessie!

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