Was it All A Dream?

Bonjour mes amies! Je suis a dreamer. My dreams are so vivid that I don’t know I’m dreaming. Before getting to the encouraging part of the blog, I’d like to share one of my most vivid dreams.

Chanel Paris 2019

I was in Paris, and I had just purchased a brand new shiny brooch from Chanel (I should’ve known I was dreaming, click here to read why I’ve sworn off brooches.) My dear fashion advisor, who typically gives me beaucoup samples, told me to stay put. As I sipped champagne, waving fragrant ribbons past my nose, trying to differentiate between Chanel Eau de Toilette et Eau Tendre, I squealed, giddy about my latest purchase. As I lowered the champagne flute from my lips, I saw my FA returning avec un huge bag.

I was so delighted because I thought she’d given me multiple samples, of samples.

“Do you want me to open the purchase so you can see it before you leave?” She inquired.

I’m certain pure confusion registered on my face because I had the brooch I’d purchased in my hand.

To delighted to compose herself, my FA opened the box.

And there it was. A kelly green custom crocodile Chanel jumbo flap avec gold hardware.

Naturally I GASPED!

“Oui Madame, c’est très magnifique,” She whispered.

She thought I gasped because the purse that I’d “purchased” was so beautiful. When in all actuality, I gasped because I had no clue how this bag that I didn’t pay for was now mine.

As I tried to gather my thoughts in French and English, before I could summons any words, she proceeded to re-box the kelly green crocodile jumbo flap avec gold hardware and proceeded to have security walk me to the door.

As she thanked me endlessly for the purchase (I could only imagine how much commission she’d gotten from “my” sale) I stumbled towards the door.

Chanel Paris avec Jujuthecamerakid 2017 (but that’s the door.)

Was I really about to do this? Was I really about to leave Chanel avec a purse I’m guessing cost upwards of €40,000. I began to think of every scenario.

Is this technically stealing? They gave it to me, right? Would the charges transfer to the US?

Je ne sais pas.

As I reached the point of no return, i.e., the door, I looked back and told my fashion advisor that I did not buy this bag. Management, security and everyone else ran to the door to confirm if what I said was true. After verifying what I said, the staff applauded me for my honesty.

At the brink of, I’m sure cardiac arrest, I suddenly awoke up from my dream, well, nightmare.

I can recall being so angry.

“SERIOUSLY? They didn’t even offer me a caviar wallet on chain, for my honesty.

After sharing that story, I have no clue what that has to do with the point of this blog but seeing as though it took so long to type (and was rather traumatic to recall), I don’t want to delete it.

Are you just dreaming about the life you want to live, or are you setting goals?

Dreams are creations of your mind that are typically built off of experiences, exposure, i.e., watching a scary film before going to sleep, or things in your subconscious (I never knew that I wanted a kelly green crocodile jumbo flap avec gold hardware until that dream.) Whether we share them or not, we all can dream big.

Because I am a dreamer, I consider my dreams a blueprint. But what’s a blueprint without skilled contractors to build it?

I turn my dreams (that don’t include boosting from Chanel) into goals by actively pursuing them.

I dream of building a multi-million dollar brand. I dream of having a life filled avec the people and things I love the most. I dream about leaving a legacy and fortune for my family. But simply dreaming is not helping me achieve any of this.

So I actively show up to build upon my dreams.

One of my favorite photos that’s now my signature social media profile pics.

While I am referring to public, influential-based goal setting, turning your dreams into goals is for everyone.

So you want to be a supervisor? Have you enrolled in leadership training? Can’t afford to pay for leadership training? Have you begun to volunteer in a space that would provide the opportunity for you to lead?

You dream about opening a bakery but have you created a business plan? Too busy to write a business plan? Have you contacted a nonprofit or business major student to help you?

Do you want to purchase your first home? Have you begun saving? You don’t make enough money to sustain your current necessities and save? Have you cut unnecessary expenses? Cable, at-home manicures versus salon visits? I have beaucoup blogs regarding how I lived “luxuriously” only earning $19,000 a year and saving for a home.

I’ve learned that setting achievable goals sans excuses keeps me motivated and on course.

Versus simply writing or saying, “I want to become a millionaire,” I set sub-goals. When do I want to become a millionaire? What do I need to do to make $1 million in my respective field? How much do I need to charge brands, and how much merchandise do I need to sell to meet this goal?

In an effort to not write a novel, I will end here. If mes amies are interested, I can share more of how I plan my realistic goals.

In closing, are you only dreaming about a custom made kelly green crocodile gold hardware classic Chanel jumbo flap? Or are you actively researching flights to Paris and confirming if internationally theft charges are upheld in the States?

Click here to read why I openly share my dreams and goals.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Jazzyqu

    Girl this post is so timely. I have been challenged with writing an ebook this month and the thought of putting it on a public platform is so scary. But I am tired of dreaming it is time to execute and do as Jessie does! Thank you for your inspiration.

    • FÉLICITATIONS in advance! And you’ve inspired me, I’d put my eCourse on the “dream” shelf 😭. Time to convert this to a goal.

      • jazzyqu

        Update: I have made the e-book public. I was sweating profusely as I selected the option to go public on my site. However, I did it and I am so proud of myself for taking that chance. I cannot wait to get an update on your eCourse. I will most definitely have to join the program.

  2. Dionne Cowan

    Thanks, Jessie! I just reviewed some of my August goals and added September goal setting to my calendar for this Tuesday. Being intentional is key!

  3. Anonymous

    Yesss seour I’m oh so glad u posted this… I’m next and we must chat via IG soon love ya family ♥️🙏

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