Has Fall Fallen? My Fall ‘22 Shopping List

Bonjour mes amies! I have gone to très, très great length to NOT speak about Autumn during “Hot Girl Summer” (do we still say that?) Vintage mes amies know that Fall and Winter (Winter to be exact) is my favorite season. I typically spend all Spring and Summer sadden by the blue skies and warm weather.

But after losing too many loved ones earlier this year, I vowed to cherish every day (and season) that I was blessed to see.

HOWEVER, I just spotted quatre leaves on the deck, and I would be remiss if I neglected to welcome the early signs of Autumn avec open fur-sleeved arms.

Voici is a quick (not all inclusive) list of a few things I’m eyeing for the Autumn. Lastly, I have a coupon code for mes amies below.

Leopard Print Handbag (Book Tote to be exact.)

Dior Paris

On my last visit to Paris (click here to watch the vlog), I debated intensely between the Dior Navy Oblique and Leopard Print Book Tote. My rationale behind not buying the leopard print tote is because 98.6% of the bags in my collection are black and brown. But now, I realize that almost all of my wardrobe pairs well with black and brown, i.e., leopard print. Bonjour, The Husband, if you’re reading this.

Barbie Pink

I haven’t decided exactly what pink items I plan to incorporate into my fall wardrobe (definitely the pink dress I wore in Paris), but here are a few ideas:

Link to Classic Cardigan

Short Sleeved Puffers

There’s something so chic about a well-crafted puffer. I tried this beauty on in Dubai, and I’m still dreaming about it.

Similar Puffer

Structured Black Blazer

Vintage mes amies can attest that I have been longing for a très, très specific Balmain blazer for some time. But until I gauge (accept) my postpartum weight finale, I don’t want to make that investment. For now, this will bring me beaucoup joy.

Statement Jacket

Every year I say that I am not buying anymore outerwear. After all, I have The LOFT packed to capacity with coats and jackets. But, I like what I like, and thus far, these beauties have caught my eye:

In an effort to keep this blog short, I will end here. Have you begun thinking about fall fashion?

If you’d like more of these shop/wishlist blogs, s’il vous plaît, let me know below.

ASOS coupon code: “Cappuccinos and Consignment” for 15% off your ASOS order.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Tangelia

    I love everything. I like Fall and Winter. Being in Georgia we don’t get that much snow, so it’s ok. But Fall brings all the beautiful colors. It’s just a wonderful time of the year,lol☺️☺️☺️☺️

  2. Product_Snob

    I’m excited for the fall and love the pink always 🌸

  3. Rose

    I’m a fall person alright I was born in December and a Northern California Gal. But as I have become passed 45 into my 50’s; I have added sooooo many colors to my closet. I was a black, brown and grey gal for so long. But I’ve enjoyed opening space to different shades. Being a darker brown gal; I didn’t think I’d do well with color; I was so wrong.

    • Reading your message just made me so happy. I too have a closet filled to the brim avec moi favorite “color” black. Ive been trying really hard to branch out and I’m happy to read that you are too.

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