Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who’s the stylish of them ALL? I am the ultimate Francophile.  I live and breathe for all things en francais.  Le language, le cuisine, le art, le rues. Vous nom


Purchasing your first or fiftieth luxury bag feels like winning a championship ring or vert jacket. I would imagine. You see, the extent of my cardio begins and ends avec

What do you do?

I am asked this question (very) often (in the States.) And my answer depends on where I am. When I’m in the States, I give my current occupation in addition

Legos 2.0

Mon amie: What are you wearing for our cocktail date tomorrow? Moi: A black skirt. Whhhhaaaatttttttt, is it not a black skirt? Non? She didn’t stay upset long.  Its hard to

Who art thou June?

It wasn’t until I started my blogging endeavor and created a business Instagram page that I discovered June Ambrose.  June Ambrose was in a queue of suggested verified persons of


While the bedroom converted into a closet (I also have racks of clothes in our loft, smh) does not echo this sentiment, I truly believe in building from your fundamentals.

Dry Clean Only?

“Really? There’s a MACHINE in the basement that would do this for me.  This is so stupid.”  Ok, I didn’t say the “it’s so stupid” part, aloud.  I said it