The Viral Virus: The Hurtful Parts of Going Viral

Bonjour mes amies!

I am STILL in awe that I now have over 100,000 mes amies on Insta! When I started blogging and eventually vlogging, I could always count on quatre mes amies (deux were family) to cheer me on.

My goal was to inspire as many people as possible by simply being me. I wanted a space where I could feel free to show the highs and lows, good, bad, and ugly. And I did just that.

Social media has connected me avec beautiful minds from every country, religion, age, economic status, and race. I felt safe sharing the notso-glamorous parts of myself avec un petit group of online mes amies.

But as my platform began to grow, I started to receive messages and comments that were heartbreaking. Initially, I took those tasteless messages as a direct insult, after all the words were left on my page. But I soon began to view the larger picture.

(Some) Hurt people, hurt people.

I’ve been hurt beaucoup times in my life, but during those times, I never felt the need to pick up my phone, scour the internet, and post mean messages to anyone (irrespective of whether I agree with them or not.)

I have received hateful messages about the texture of my hair. My parenting style. My style. My affinity for luxury goods and the amount of time I spend traveling. I’ve received other messages, but the aforementioned are the messages I receive the most.

Those hurt people have gone so far as to take my videos, repost them on their page and express how much I disgust them and how no one would ever understand how much they “hate me.” Oui mes amies, their exact words.

I used to ignore those messages and delete them now I simple reply:

“Sending love and light your way.”

Anyone who goes to such evil lengths to attempt to hurt someone has to be battling demons, I hope never to know.

Mes amies who are beginning their social media journey have inquired as to how I continue to produce content despite the hateful messages.

Its simple.

I show up for the mes amies who love me, not the one who hate me.

If you let the words of others stop you from pursuing your dreams, you may find yourself filled with disdain, just as the people who feel the need to send you those discouraging messages.

I firmly believe that we are all good at heart, BUT somewhere along the way, life experiences coupled with the inability to do difficult self-healing alter that state.

When I began drafting this post, I planned to insert the (god-awful) messages I’d received. But soon thereafter, I asked myself deux questions:

  1. Why would I share such awful messages?
  2. Why the heck did I, and do I still have those mean messages saved on my phone?

Remain in the light no matter how dark others get. And s’il vous plait, delete those screenshots and resist the urge to spread the ugliness.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Nichole Ellis-Irving @vibeoffline

    I just can’t stop thinking “who raised you?” when I see the negativity online…Insane. Sending love & light your way🫶🏾

  2. Steph

    The delete/block button should be your best friend by now. People are keyboard thugs cause in person they wouldn’t make a sound. Let them be miserable, every time the post you get views/coins post away miserable ones 🙂

  3. Denise

    U know u made it honey here come the haters. I know it hurt bcuz they attack your character n family but god has a plan honey believe. We love u regardless u always be my BBF for life💯💯🥰🥰🥰

      1. Danene Charles

        I love your style and keep being you! You inspire me. You’re classic and on trend at the same time. What a great combination. Michelle Obama said it best, when they go low, we go high!! Please do more styling videos with the Valentino belt and your lovely dresses. How tall are you? Your dresses look long.

  4. Millicent

    Love the reminder to delete the awful messages got to clean house 🗑🚮🗑🚮🗑🚮

  5. Erin H

    You are lovely. Folks can be quite bold when hiding behind a keyboard, saying things they would never utter in person. Shine on sweet soul. Shine on!

  6. Anonymous

    I love this message and thank you so much for your time! I think you are amazing and I love your spirit!

  7. Anonymous

    You’re kind, sweet spirit just radiates through the screen (and I wouldn’t say that if all the content creators I follow) so I find it shocking that anyone would have that level of disdain for you. However, they don’t know you and you can only think that type of disdain arises from a place of lack and envy. As hateful as some people are, I’m learning daily to ti extend compassion because you never know how they arrived at that space of spewing hate into a complete stranger. I on the other hand will continue to eagerly await all of your posts so I can keke like you’re one of my best girlfriends. 😂🤣

  8. Rose S.

    I will never understand the human mind of people; but you are right HURT people lash out at others. This wonderful platform attracts good and evil; but I am glad to see you have found a way to let it roll off your back. You have reached the people that matter and we thank you for that. You have let me know I am not along if pairing things that might not be at the same price point. I’ll do a an expensive item with something from Target or Walmart. We are all individuals and we hope people respect that; and if they don’t too bad for them.

    Please continue doing what you are doing; I’ve picked up some GREAT tips. Oh and yeah I might be able to travel the world; but it’s nice went I can see it through someone else’s travels.


  9. Anonymous

    Continue doing what makes you happy. I am one of those that would hide all of my “goodies” because I got tired of hearing ” must be nice to be you”; but thanks people like you I wear them proudly and my new reply ” nope, it’s amazing being me”.

  10. Anonymous

    You have exceptional taste young woman. And you are also a wonderful and responsible parent. Please continue to radiate your light.

  11. Rose S.

    Good Day Sunshine
    You are so right that hurt people hurt others for many reasons; that I don’t want to even give breath or life to. I have been the subject of talk on and off in my life for many reason; but I want to send you Light, Love, Blessings, Joy, and Faith. It can be hard to ignore hate; and I am not saying do so. Let the Village of people that love you, respect you, and stand with you be the shield you need and deserve.

    Blessings from Oakland, CA

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