You Look Poor | Wearing Logo Designer Items & Quiet Luxury

Bonjour mes amies! Social media can be the wild wild west. Ridiculous messages are rarely posted here because only select people take time to read a blog, versus casually scrolling online avec un intent to be mean.

For the most part, we all judge books by their covers, which is why I tend not to take those ridiculous messages that I often receive on social media to heart. People may take a quick glance at my feed (the still photos shown when someone looks at your Instagram page, pictured above) and presume that: I’m obsessed with designer logos, I’m in debt, I’m using designer items to cover an insecurity, or that I’m making boss moves.

I know that how people perceive me, is a direct reflection of themselves.

For those who believe that I wear designer items to hide insecurities, that’s something that they do. Those who think that I am in debt because I buy “so much” (relatively speaking, I don’t) designer goods perhaps are struggling with debt. For those who love and embrace me and my designer logos, they are at peace with themselves (or they keep scrolling because they are not my target market.) So when I receive messages such as “you must be poor because you try so hard to hide behind labels,” I know that is a “them” problem.

The video (shown above) that I recorded at the airport en route to Dubai (click here to watch my Dubai vlog) almost a year ago recently received the following message:

Only a poor person would buy designer luggage

If you are on social media, you will be familiar with the “quiet luxury” movement. Essentially quiet luxury is all about having logo-less designer items. I have zero issues with the “movement” because why should I? We should all be able to wear what we want; besides, I, too, own beaucoup “quite luxury” items.

What I do have an issue with is the shaming or insinuating that those who like logos are somehow less than others.

“Five items rich people would never wear.”

“Why rich people don’t wear designer items.”

“Why wearing logos make you look poor.”

Those are just a few of the videos that I have seen.

What is most amusing about this entire movement is that NONE of the people “taking this stand” are “rich.” It’s always the person who lived in an affluent zip code (although they weren’t rich), went to a private school (on scholarship), or worked for wealthy people.

Unmute for the full experience

A dear mes amies @itscarajohnston shared via my “clap back” REEL (shown above) that the “Zuckerberg only wears white tees,” which many use as confirmation that rich people don’t wear designer/logos, is ridiculous because he wears $500.00 tee-shirts. And if he didn’t, so what? That still should not stop you from wearing whatever it is that you desire.

The fact is, no matter what you are wearing, people will judge and make assumptions, so why bother with trying to prove anyone wrong?

I am not (financially) rich, yet, so I cannot share what rich people do and don’t do. I can, however tell you what I have observed from some of the wealthy people I know.

They do not concern themselves with how anyone below their tax bracket spends their money.

Wear the logos mes amies because I can assure you, rich people are not commenting on your financial or fashion choices.

Ciao for now 💋

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  1. Robin

    I just think of you as fun and fashionable! Someday I hope to spy you across the terminal and ask you to share a cappuccino avec moi!

  2. Sanya

    Yes Yes and yes 🙌🏾 👏🏽 😍

  3. Anonymous

    You are right, people will always have something to say about you, so, DO WHAT PLEASES YOU!

  4. Deborah Williams

    People who are unhappy with their current state of affairs (i.e. no life) will always attempt to critique what others do.
    I recently found your page; I’m a 67 year old middle-class, but I’m rich in spirit, and absolutely love your style. Ignore them beautiful lady.
    Ciao for now.❤️

  5. Shawnda

    There will always be a not so quiet critic in the midst. As a lover of fashion I’ve noticed that those of us who really have a passion for fashion don’t judge, we just enjoy and take pride in our appearance.

  6. Nazareth Reynolds Thornton

    The people that made the comments, are POOR in heart, life, and love. Judgemental people, always find and make up drama and issues, think by judging others, make them while. NOT !! Happy people, wake up, slay fashion our way, and keep it moving forward, by wearing, whatever makes us feel beautiful and HAPPY ‼️‼️‼️

  7. Tanzi

    I think they don’t know the difference between “rich” and “wealthy.” According to some of my experiences, a “rich” person would do exact that—- logos everywhere. Whereas a wealthy person, they may be more conservative. That’s because they’re brought up not to be flashy or brag about their wealth and logos can be a symbol of that. Honestly, it’s to each their own!
    I love logos, but in some settings I may not choose to wear them. But again, it’s all about personal preference and individual style. ❤️

  8. Anonymous

    I pictured a mic drop at the end🙌🏾

  9. Miss Chocolate

    I love your response to the negative comments. I learned a long time ago to not allow others to define what I should or should not have. We all have different tastes, I wish folks would see that and either swipe up and move on or like, share and subscribe.
    My mom always said, other folks pockets are not your concern, lol.

    Do you girl, walk in your glory and continue to shine and share you light with the world!!! Trust me, it’s them not you ⭐️🤗😎☕️ 👗 👠

  10. Nette

    It is so unfortunate that this conversation is a conversation that has to constantly be had. What happened to Instagram? It used to be so much fun. It just shows you it doesn’t matter person age or class. People can still be immature. I love your page, and what you represent. I pray you never change anything. For those of us who love what you do and show, keep on showing us! Haters will be haters. – @gray_hair_dont_define_me

  11. Emanon

    If they with these foolish comment just spent this unnecessary commenting time cleaning your house hmmm what would it look like lol ciao for now hugs seour great blog 💖

  12. Wendy S

    Love this post. I couldn’t agree more!

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