Accountability. Why We Need and Fear It.

Bonjour mes amies! Dreaming is easy; we literally do it in our sleep. The tough part is bringing those dreams to reality.

The difficult part of executing said dreams is the drive to do so. As communal creatures, we were designed to seek approval from those around us. I’ve shared beaucoup blogs about how to deal with loved ones who don’t entirely support your vision (click here to read.)

Social media, music, and even society have created a norm around “moving in silence” (I also wrote a blog about that click here to read.) I don’t believe in doing so; I think that there is beauty in sharing your goals and dreams. Perhaps these goals and dreams shouldn’t be shared avec everyone, but I believe it takes a village to succeed.

I think that the biggest reason people choose to “move in silence” is because they don’t want to show/share a potential failure. No one likes to have their misfortunes broadcasted, but is a failure truly the ultimate sign that you have failed?

As avec beauty, success and failure are in the eye of the beholder. I see failure as the person who has never attempted to convert their dreams to reality.

You fail the moment you stop dreaming.

If keeping up appearances (let’s be honest, if you’re on social media, doing so matters) prompts you to show up, accountability could be the best source of motivation for you.

If you’re anything like moi, when I give my word, I mean it.

One of the sole reasons I never spoke about starting a Youtube channel, eCourses, merchandise, etc., is because, what if I didn’t?

What if I let fears, time, the lack of resources or a plethora of other reasons stop me from starting? “Moving in silence” was my safety net.

There are power in words. When you verbally share whatever you want to accomplish, those around you will constantly inquire. Those check-ins can be encouraging or annoying.

I have contemplated starting an accountability network, but I never wanted to announce it because I truly didn’t want to be held accountable. The mes amies trip to Paris? Oui, yet another thing that I did not want to speak aloud because I knew that I would be held accountable (merci beaucoup to the mes amies who continue to inquire about Paris dates. they’ll be posted soon.)

I am challenging everyone who reads this post to speak about their goals to someone. Want to lose weight? Want to save money? Want to start a blog? Speak it, share it.

If you’re interested in the Cappuccinos and Consignment Accountability group, click here for more details.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Zewdi Asfaw

    I’m interested!

  2. Thank you for today’s message. One of the reasons why I become silent when being given something by God to do is because no one would show up. I had created my own stumbling block for myself. Because as a child I had no father and my mother isn’t the affectionate supportive spirit. It just wasn’t where she was. So from a young age I set out looking for someone to fill that emptiness and overtime I have learned and mastered how to go with God and he will add the ones who would be willing and genuine in supporting. So I definitely agree in telling others I’ve just learned who to tell which is why I am working on building the community I started in 2006. Listening to you this evening was comforting because I’m like she reminds me of me and she inspires me. So I would love to be apart of your network. I’m looking forward to being able to connect with you in the future especially since we are like neighbors lol. I’m in northern Virginia not far from Dulles Airport. But until then I’m glad God allowed me to see your page on Instagram. You’ve been helping me to stay on my path and fulfill my purpose no matter who responds or doesn’t respond. I am able to be me and I am at peace with that. Talk to you soon! Ciao Bella 💖 @bg__empire

  3. Myrnie Standifer

    QUI!! I will join your accountability group! I think this would be a safe space and we can encourage one another! I am so looking forward to this because I have something I want to start speaking about! Thank you!

  4. Jennie Torres

    I’m interested!


    I’m interested in joining.

  6. charlene

    I would love to join your accountability group

  7. Raychl

    Yes, totally interested in joining your accountability group!

  8. Dr. Devine

    Count me in this team winning 🏅 experience!

  9. DC

    I’m interested in joining along the community.

    • BUBBLY Bubbles

      I am totally interested…Ready!

  10. Em Tee

    Love this! I am super interested!

  11. Anonymous

    Awesome idea I’m in seour 💖

  12. Jauana Williams

    I’m interested I could benefit from having an group of friends like this.

  13. Zi

    I’m interested in joining!

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