Are You Holding Yourself Back? Self Doubt and Excuses.

Bonjour mes amies! Warning, this blog post may not be what you want to read (right now) if you’re content avec using the negative opinions of loved ones (click here to read how to handle that), finances, or lack of time as justification to not step into your goals.

The human mind is glorious. Your mind has the ability to view a glass as half-empty or half-full.

The most innocent reflection of the power of one’s mind are toddlers.

If you’ve ever witnessed a toddler on a mission, there is nothing or anyone who can stop them from reaching their goal (or cookie.) I’ve seen my dear Babiccina (how we refer to my one year on Instagram) do what appeared to be the impossible.

One night as we began the bedtime duel, she didn’t want to leave her (huge) bag of blocks in her downstairs play area. She was determined to take her bag of blocks upstairs into her bedroom. After much debate (if you’ve ever watched any of my vlogs, you’ll know how opinionated she is), I told her, “fine, if you want the blocks upstairs, you’ll have to take them yourself.”

That was clear manipulation on my part. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t stopping her but that her physical ability and size would.

When she lifted the bag of blocks of out her toy basket, I audibly gasped. I didn’t think she could do that. So I began to do what all parents who are determined to prove a point would do; I quasi-congratulated her and immediately began to assure her that there was no way that she could get that bag of blocks and herself up to the landing.

I walked behind her as she slid the bag of blocks across the floor and soon to the stairs. Avec, each step that she successfully climbed, bag in tow, I continued to reiterate, “Alright, girlfriend, I’m sure the next step will be your last. That bag is too heavy for you to carry.”

Babiccina looked back at me and repeatedly uttered “Goy-gee, goy-gee, guw.”

After multiple google translate failed attempts, I will surmise that “Goy-gee, goy-gee, guw” loosely translates to:

“You can hate me now, but I won’t stop now.”

Babiccina (or Diddy)

I am shocked (and now proud) to report that Babiccina who at the time could barely walk, carried a bag almost half her weight up the stairs, with no encouragement. In fact, I did everything that I could to discourage her from reaching her goals.

I didn’t plan to spend this entire blog writing about Babiccina’s feat, but I hope that this first-hand triumphant account confirms that if there is something that you want to do, you will do it. At no point during mission-imblockable did Babiccina doubt herself or allow me to stop her.

When you are dedicated to your goal, you will actively pursue it despite the negative words of others.

You will actively pursue your goals despite not seemingly having the physical strength to do so.

You are the only person who can stop you

In a previous blog, I mentioned my desire to begin an accountability group. Mes amies on every platform (except TikTok, I really can’t connect avec those Tokers) have held me accountable. I am so excited to report that the Cappuccinos and Consignment accountability group is LIVE (details linked below.)

We need a community

We can go so much further when we have a support system.

Mes amies, you are the only person who can stop you from reaching your goals.

There will never be a perfect time to start. You will never have enough money. You will never have “extra” time. Those around you may never encourage you. Channel your inner toddler and have no fears of failure, doubt or purpose.

I’m rooting for you mes amies!

If you’re interested in becoming a monthly member, click here to read more and join.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Emanon

    Awesome read so proud of your new level seour 💖 @product_snob

  2. Launita Robinson

    So cool…Im in!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I agree & tryna get out of my own way, considering joining your group.

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