Time. Are You Really Too Busy?

“You make time for what/who you want to make time for.”


“You make time for the things you want to make time for.” My friends mother told us one evening when the guy my friend was dating said that he was “so busy” he couldn’t return her call.

“OMG! My Gma told you that as well?” I gasped.

Insert blank stare from my friends mother.

Could you imagine the look on my face the first time I heard someone else say that quote? Until that evening, I truly thought my late Gma invented it.

I am often asked, how do I work a full-time job, raise a special needs child, complete schoolwork, husband, blog and now run a flourishing new personal style advising business, along with monthly Cappuccinos & Consignment Experiences.

The answer is truly simple, I make time for the things I want to make time for.

When the husband and I were dating, there were times that he would work sixty-hours straight. I would text (I now realize that was very tacky of me) and tell him not to worry about the dinner date we’d set because I could only imagine how tired he was.

I wouldn’t receive a response.

Less than an hour after the time he was scheduled to get off, my doorbell would ring.

And there he would stand. With either a bag in hand to change at my house or dressed and ready to take me wherever I wanted to go.

I don’t know many people who work sixty plus hours consecutively, so when I hear anyone say they’re “too busy to” —insert task— I remember my Gma’s words and my then suitors actions.

I do not like waking up before the birds. I do not like rising when clubs are announcing “last call for alcohol” but I know it must be done.

I have a vision of what I want my future to be and I know sleeping in everyday (even on the weekends) will not get me there. So I pull it together, very, very early. And it’s never easy. I constantly remind myself that these extra moments will give me time to plan my next blog post, record my daily #ootd and map out my day or week.

Most of all, that additional time affords me an opportunity to enjoy a handcrafted cappuccino barista’d every morning by the husband and mediate the short lived battles between him and #jujuthecamerakid.

Here are a few techniques I use to “make time“:

Early Mornings.

Press Play

My daily #ootd video is recorded no later than 04:30. Early mornings (mentioned above) provides time to do so.


Weekly wardrobe planning, and meal prepping (sometimes.) I will admit, I have been eating out more often. Taking a couple of hours during the weekend to plan, saves a tremendous amount of time, money and stress during the week.

Minimal to no TV.

Fun fact, I didn’t own a TV for over 15 years. I LOVE reading, I can’t even begin to count the amount of books I’ve read. Four books a month was my lowest average. Now that I am blogging and running (an increasing successful business) I spend my “down time” researching, networking and perfecting my craft.

Transit & Lunch Time.

During lunch, I typically listen to a podcast, practice a foreign language create mood boards or simply take it all in. While commuting, I WORK. Responding to emails, blogging, researching looks for both virtual and in-person clients, or meeting new prospective clients.

Let it Go

Since starting my “let it go” initiative, I have had so much “extra” time. The time I’d usually spend obsessing and sick about someone’s actions or words, I let it go (in about ten mins.) I’m amazed (and saddened) at how much time I’ve spent stressing over things I have absolutely no control over.

Unfortunately mes amies, there isn’t a magic potion or spell to slow down the clock or add additional hours to the day. With that in mind I do my best to use each moment I’m awake very wisely.

Inviting new experiences in my life has truly made me reevaluate with whom and where I want to spend my time. Gone are the days of me explaining (and feeling absolutely awful) as to why I can’t attend someones bestfriend’s-nephews-step brothers-cousin-new girlfriends daughters potty training party.

There are twenty-four hours in a day but unless you are a super-sapien and require zero hours of sleep, we truly don’t have twenty-four hours at our disposal.

Time is the one thing that cannot be replaced. When you choose to spend or extend time to others be certain that they are worth it.

We make time for what’s important to us, not excuses.

Ciao for now 💋

What do you “make time” for?