Double Your Plaisir | Saving Twice for Luxury Purchases

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When I first began Cappuccinos and Consignment the most common “inquiry” (they truly weren’t inquires. They were mean messages from trolls) I received was:

How can you talk about finances when you’re always making luxury purchases?

I do not owe anyone an explanation. However, I enjoy sharing this oxymoron (splurging and saving) and detailing how it is possible to “have it all.”

I’ve written beaucoup posts about my evolution from making $19,000 annually to well, now (I’ll link those blogs.) I’ve also shared my “double method” multiple times on Instagram.

When I earned below the federal poverty line, I had dreams of luxury living. I also had dreams of maintaining a plush savings, investments and multiple homes (well chat about those things later.)

I had to devise a plan to ensure that my savings and wardrobe grew simultaneously.

To do that, I began saving double the amount of whatever it was that I wanted to purchase.

For example, after purchasing my first home, I knew I wanted to buy a Chanel jumbo flap (click here to read about that experience.) At the time, Chanel jumbo flaps retailed for a little over $5,500. Versus saving just enough to purchase my beloved bag, I saved $11,000. I deposited $5,500 into my savings account and…you’ll have to read that blog to find out how I “Secured the Bag, While Securing the Bag,” i.e., paid much less and got much more.

That purse (without doubling the price) cost almost as much as my first voiture. Oui! I felt beaucoup shame for spending so much money on (as ma grand-mere would say) a pocketbook. Click here to read about luxury shaming from family et amies, and here to read about my experience avec luxury shaming in the workplace.)

But knowing that whenever I made such grande purchases, I paid myself first, I no longer felt that I was being “irresponsible,” “vain,” or any other adjective others projected onto moi.

I can’t express enough that we DO NOT owe anyone (perhaps a spouse or person you owe money) an explanation about our spending. We also don’t have anything to prove to anyone else.

Doubling the cost of my luxury purchases soothes moi. It’s not to prove a point to ANYONE else.

In addition to self-soothing, my doubling method has kept me from going WILD! I am incredibly fortunate and blessed to be able to buy any luxury item that I want (oui, that includes my BIRKIN.) But knowing that I will not be making these purchases until I have saved twice the amount provides a bit of a sounding board pour moi.

In this age of social media and NON-STOP unboxings (click here to read why I’ve slowed down on recording unboxings), I can admit that it is tempting to want to always partake. Who doesn’t like to share avec the world the fabuluexness that they’ve acquired?

But always remember massive debt and taking away from necessities are never #ontrend.

Maintenant, mes amies, I am also cognizant that doubling one’s purchase isn’t practical for everyone. I received a god-awful message from a troll stating that I was ridiculous for telling people to save double because that’s equivalent to telling a homeless person to save money for a home. <Insert Blank Stare.> Back to the blog.

S’il vous plait, allow me to insert an unsolicited financial query. Is making an expensive luxury purchase (purse, shoes, etc.) in your best interest at this moment if doubling the price isn’t an option?

My method is not one size fits all and perhaps your financial goals differ vastly from mine. But if starting (or) continuing to save for your retirement, a home, rental property, car, university, or a trip to Paris, think how much faster you could reach your goals if you didn’t purchase what you couldn’t afford to buy twice?

Vintage mes amies know that I am not a boastful person, and anything that I share is shared avec the hopes of providing hope, laughter, or helpful insight.

Merci beaucoup for you time and as always, if you’d like to chat more about anything mentioned in this blog, s’il vous plait, leave me a comment.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Happy

    NEVER thought to do this but yes, this makes so much sense.

  2. I truly LOVE your doubling method. When I heard you speak of it on IG a light bulb went off in my head. You are also an inspiration for a “fly girl” trying to a point where I can live more “debt-free”. Thanks for sharing!

    • I thank you so much for your time and support and I will certainly share all that has helped with me gain control and understand my personal finances ❤️

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