Secure the Bags, While Securing THE Bag.

Capitol Hill Washington DC

I had an extremely interesting childhood.  In this post, I’ll focus solely on the events that did not require therapy.  I grew up in a pretty poor household.  We thrifted EVERYTHING, before thrifting was cool.  Yet I had access to extreme luxuries.  My grandemere owned a home on Capitol Hill, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Washington, DC.  I would spend my weekends and summers there, which felt worlds away from our apartment in SE, D.C.  Ma grandmere et tante would clean the homes of very wealthy family’s in the Capital Hill neighborhood and I willingly tagged along. 

Original Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, Socrates and Sartre collectors hardbacks, Mont Blanc pens, Waterford China, and Louis Vuitton luggage.  At ten-years old I had zero clue what any of those things meant but I saw them and I knew I wanted them.

Kate Spade Store Front, NYC

My first non-discount store “designer” purchase was a Kate Spade handbag.  For MONTHS I researched and saved portions of my funeral home apprenticeship paycheck for what was to date, my most expensive nonessential purchase.  When I finally made the $350.00 leap (yes, I had to save for that) I felt unstoppable! With my new designer bag, my used Mazda 3 Hatchback and a full cup-o-Foldger’s (this was life before I could afford fancy caffeinated drinks)  I had places to go and people to see. As time and my salary begin to progress, those fond childhood memories of luxury items began to peak my interest.  After completing my second degree (BS, Public Health and Safety/ Minor en Francais) I was gifted a Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull MM.  I swear I transcended the moment those freakishly thin yet sturdy straps touched my shoulder.  Every time I reached inside to grab my oyster girl lip-gloss (#tbt) seeing the “Made in France” tag transported me.  From that point forward I was HOOKED.

Fur Gloves Tucked in My Jumbo Flap, Cafe en Montreal

I always knew that I wanted a Chanel purse. But I also knew that there was no way I was willing to pay that much money on a purse prior to purchasing a home.  I told myself that once I saved enough money to buy my first home, I would treat myself to a jumbo flap for a monumental job well done. After purchasing my first home (yay, me) I spent almost a year trying to find the perfect Chanel flap.  There were so many decisions to make.  Double flap or single flap? GHW or SHW (hip yourself to the lingo!) Lambskin or caviar leather? Jumbo or maxi? Then the ultimate question arose, where would I make this purchase?  I quickly saved $11,000 enough coins to purchase a brand-new jumbo flap which retailed for $5,500 in 2014 and pay myself (I always pay myself before I pay for any luxury goods.) Moi being moi, I had to do juste un petite plus surveying.  After conducting my last bit of research, I decided to buy vintage, not brand new.

Below, I will provide the top six reasons in spite of saving enough money I decided (and continue) to buy vintage.

Un. 24K Magic!

Champagne & Chanel Date with My Dearest “Sissah”

Chanel bags made prior to 2008 were dipped in vingt-quatre gold versus the gold “tone” that is used on bags produced thereafter.  The straps on my jumbo flap are so heavy that they leave an indentation on my shoulders.  But that’s a small price to pay for vingt-quatre gold.

Deux. Le Quality

Circa 1986 Louis Vuitton Keepall 50, Meets Carry-on Requirement in US.

Perhaps it’s in my head but I wholeheartedly believe that the quality of vintage items surpasses anything made today.  Case in point, my Louis Vuitton Keepall is circa 1986 and it has ZERO cracks, pills or tears.  That fabulous brand new Neverfull (circa 2011) is already showing signs of wear. 

Trois. Country of Origins

Made in Paris Heat Stamp

In my previous blog “The Racist Retailer” I noted the delight of purchasing an item in the country of its origins (vintage or retail.)  In approximately 1995 Louis Vuitton began producing goods in the US, Spain, Germany and Italy.  While I should note Louis Vuitton declares that the craftsmanship of products made outside of France is not compromised, “I hold these truths to be self-evident” that my “Made in France” pieces do not show signs of wear as fast.

Quatre. Securing the Bag(s) While Securing the Bag

Ticket Purchased with Money Saved! You Can Tell this Pic is Dated. I was Rocking a Naked Passport. All Recent Passport Pics are Adorned with my Louis Vuitton Cover.

At the time of my first Chanel purchase I was earning a fraction of what I am earning now.  I was also a single mom and a new homeowner. Nevertheless I saved and saved to buy the brand-new Chanel.  The time I spent researching the history of this coveted house, tracing the evolution of their designs and how current mass production has made some styles less desirable, buying vintage made me feel safe, secure and financially savvy.  Though discontinued at the time of purchase my jumbo vertical patent leather vingt quatre carat gold hardware flap would have retailed for over $5,500. I paid a measly (just kidding) trois mille.  Not only did I secure the bag, I SECURED the bag! With the grande savings I purchased a ticket to Roma! While in Roma, I bought my first Furla and pair of Ferragamo’s.

Cinq.  “What Good is a Diamond, if Nobody Can See?” -Joe

Safari, South Africa
Chanel Caviar Leather Jumbo Tote

Speaking of vintage, Joe made a great point in the 1997 hit (I think it was a hit, I was a mere child) “All the Things (Your Man Won’t Do.)  What is the purpose of saving to buy such a prized, breathtaking pieces if you’re terrified to wear them?  When items are purchased preloved they may already have a few nicks which eases the anxiety of not wanting to breath around them.  I WEAR my bags!  Safaris in South Africa, Climbing the Great Pyramids of Giza, smashed in overhead compartments aboard commuter planes to Cuba.  You name it, I’ve probably done it, with zero reservations.       

On this trip to Copenhagen, my duffle was inadvertently introduced to rain and champagne, I didn’t fret. Even if I had to have it repaired, I still saved tremendously by buying vintage.

Six. The Exclusivity

Paying thousands of dollars (or euros) for items that are overly produced can be unsettling at times. Which is why vintage is also a great choice. Not only are the savings astronomical but some bags are no longer produced. You could possibly buy two vintages pieces for the price of one new bag, while also having an item that was produced in a much smaller quantity.

Discontinued Vintage Belle

Regardless of your tax bracket if you are longing to buy a luxury item, it is possible.  Though I have chosen to start buying vintage, I will admit that there are few better first world feelings than experiencing drinking a cappuccino in Chanel. A latte in Louis Vuitton. Or une coupe de champagne in Celine while the sales associates show you the latest collection. 

My Closet!

Interested in knowing what items I’ve purchased vintage or brand new? Have you purchased vintage luxury goods?  What are your reasons for doing so or choosing not to? Whatever they are, I’d love to hear them!

If you are ready to make the vintage leap click the link below and browse one of my favorite consignment websites! Please feel free to ask me any consignment or luxury goods questions.

Bon Shopping mes amies et Ciao for now!


  1. Phee

    I purchased my first designer piece brand new, because I wanted the “full experience”. For future pieces, you’ve convinced me to shop vintage! Next up: MM agenda, but I have the first-word problem of having to decide between monogram or Damier!

    1. cappuccinosandconsignment

      I agree wholeheartedly! I will never regret making my first purchase in house. And from time to time I still purchase new. But for the most part VINTAGE is my go to. Very few pieces have moved me enough to pay retail. To answer your question…which do you want FIRST? The monogram or Damier? If you’re anything like moi…you’ll eventuallyhave them BOTH

  2. Keshaun

    I’m going to start saving now!! I have always wanted a LV bag, and now I’ll save for a vintage one 🤗

      1. Daralynn

        Cappuccino, Don’t tell me that. I want a Neverfull. I have a Speedy 30 already. OMGosh!

      2. cappuccinosandconsignment

        GET THE NEVERFUL!!! I’m sorry that I’m not sorry for encouraging you, lol! I believe every woman needs a catchall. These totes are truly timeless and extremely versatile. I was a bit reluctant but since getting my first I’ve NEVER regretted. I’ve only purchased more.

  3. Daralynn

    Yes ma’am I agree the the vintage bags seem to be more of good quality than today. I purchased a 2017 Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 at retail and I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed in the hardware. They no longer make the hardware from solid brass. It is ” A type of metal.” How disappointing . It’s still pretty but I can see the difference.

  4. Stacey Mac

    I love purchasing vintage. My favorite luxury brand would be Louis Vuitton. So far with my budget I’ve purchased vintage Dooney & Bourke. Once I purchase a house I will treat myself with the Louis Vuitton bag that I’ve obsessed over since high school.

  5. Sharde

    I agree with you Jesse. I swear your topics are always so relatable. Your like my fairy Chic Godmother ☺️. I find buying vintage designer bags more appealing than brand new for the exclusivity of it, the same reason why I love Thrifting over buying what’s “in season/trending”. From the very designer bag I saved up to purchase, I knew I wanted it preloved and am not ashamed to share that. Now that I have built up my designer collection, I still am saving up for the perfect preloved Chanel but have no idea what style I want. I will continue to research so that I am not settling and find the right one. Any suggestions?

    1. cappuccinosandconsignment

      ABSOLUTELY ma chérie ! When I choose my bag I had to stay true to myself. Of course the quilted leather is the epitome of Chanel. As much as I love the image, it’s a bit trite pour moi. I wanted the legacy but my way. Which is why I chose the rare vertical patent leather flap. I had the best of both worlds. Don’t be pressured to buy what everyone says is a “classic.”

  6. HBStephanie

    Hi Jessie! Loved this piece. My first Chanel purchase was preloved and immaculate condition. I was happy to buy from a trusted friend. I do want a vintage Chanel bag with 24k ghw, but am a bit wary to buy off sites and don’t like the high prices… what should I do?
    Also, my first LV purchase was a Neverfull GM in damier azure, and I recently bought the same bag in monogram with peony interior. Love, LOVE the Neverfull! Best travel bag!

    1. cappuccinosandconsignment

      Merci beaucoup for your time! Vintage Chanel bags are becoming so hard to find as people are now holding on to them. I’ve yet to purchase a damier azure but I’ve been thinking about one a lot these past few months.

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