You Are Stylish.

How does a fashion designer, stylist, and content creator go so long without creating an official style guide?

Simple, I believe that we all are innately stylish.

I remember growing up watching the drastic before and after makeover shows. They always appeared to be so glamorous yet so unbelievable. But the older I got, the more I realized those shows were humiliating.

Do some of us need help cultivating whatever style that is within us? Absolutely. But could you imagine someone coming into your home and throwing out every single piece of clothing you own and replacing it with pieces in their (or whatever brand is sponsoring the show) liking; on national television?

My time as a personal stylist was bizarre. It was bizarre for more reasons than one. But for the sake of this post, I’ll focus on one of those reasons. The mainstream perception of what a stylist does is unrealistic (see extreme makeover example above) thus leaving many of the people I had consultations with (who I’d soon refer to another stylist, the moment they uttered “I want to be a new me!”) disappointed.

I believe in sustainable shopping, and I don’t mean eco-friendly fabrics. I believe in sustaining your sense of self. When people say:

“oh, I could never wear that”

Often times, its true. It’s not a slight to the speaker or the person wearing said ensemble; it’s merely a reality. There are some things I see people in (and I consider myself extremely stylish), but I could never pull it off.

Perhaps it’s the cut, the fabric, color, or simply the confidence needed to wear the ensemble.

So much of what we wear on the outside reflects what’s within. I’m sure we’ve all seen the person who adorned themselves in designer from head-to-toe but still look uncomfortable. That’s because the person did not remain true to their style.

At no point should style ever be confused with the latest fashion, because the two could not be further apart.

Fashion is something that can be acquired, each season in fact.

But style remains with you your entire life.

Do I believe that anyone can become stylish? Absolutely, but it won’t come from a magazine or even (I’m sad to say) your favorite Blogger. Developing your style takes time.

To start ask yourself the deux most important questions:

What do I feel most comfortable in?

What makes me feel radiant?

Avec un degree in fashion design and years of personal styling under my belt I still fall victim to trying to look like someone that I’m not. It’s pretty obvious to tell the times when I don’t feel comfortable in what is that I’m wearing.

The tell tale signs are, pulling, tugging and constantly fussing avec straps and hemlines or the less subtly sign; staying removed from the group, essentially hiding.

As a constant creator the pressure to feel the need to revamp and produce content avec beaucoup avant-garde pieces is real. I’ve bought garments from designers and collaborations that weren’t my style solely because I wanted to partake in a trending hashtag. Fifteen minutes after that trend ended, I found myself with items hanging in my closet that still had tags.

And there’s nothing en Vogue about being wasteful.

I don’t foresee myself composing a blog or recording a vlog about the “top five items every person needs to be stylish” because it doesn’t exist. We all feel stylish in different things.

Are there fundamental pieces I think would serve a great majority? Absolutely. A classic T-shirt, a tailored winter coat, a sturdy handbag, and comfortable, well-crafted shoes.

I receive approximately five fashion publications deliveries to my home monthly and countless others via email. I enjoy the read, I gush over the looks, but I am at a space in my life where I’ve become comfortable with who I am and what that looks like.

For example, this photo was taken in 2015. Can you believe it? I have a “style” (black, leather, pearls) and it’s true to me.

You are stylish mes amies and that is irrespective of what any editor-in-chief will have you to believe.

If “upgrading” your look is something you’re interested in, go to your closet and find those pieces that make you feel fabulous and then invest in them.

If a hoodie makes you feel on top of the world, find a nice cashmere blend. If a plain white T-shirt does the job, invest in a fabric that will stand the test of time. I plan to write a blog about this. I posted a REEL in a white T-Shirt that I have had for over 10 years on Insta and mes amies LOVED IT!

I hope that this blog reiterates what you already know. You have style.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Stephanie P.

    Oh now it’s okay to wear a hoodie 😂 where was this post when I was threatened with calling security LOL You most definitely had a style, but it has blossomed into even more style. Regardless if you are sporty the baby gap skirt (oh the husband) or a designer dress the one thing that will always be wore is….PEARLS!!!!

    • And I owe you the biggest apology ever (although I never called security, lol.) Now, let’s go shopping for cashmere hoodies 🤣

  2. Launita

    This is soo empowering to me. I have a personal style that has happened over the years. I have signature peices that Im known for aming my friends…lol
    Thank you for being authentically you!😍

  3. Karen Fortune

    Great blog and so true.

  4. Indoora

    I thought of you when I saw Prune Goldschmidt’s latest collection WWD. There is a green dress that would be magnificent on you.

  5. Connie osei

    Love your post. Where can I get your shapes!

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