Style & Grace: Being Gracious to Yourself

Bonjour mes amies !

As ma mère would say, I am “a day late and a dollar short.”

Since starting my YouTube journey, I’ve been posting vlogs on Tuesday and blogs on Thursday.

I didn’t publish a blog this past Thursday, and surprisingly, I didn’t beat myself up.

On Instagram and my weekly vlogs, I often share the perils of having an obsessive personality. While that obsessive personality trait makes me a great hostess (well, not really, I obsess too much about the wine and cheese pairing), it doesn’t make me the most gracious person; to myself.

We can tear ourselves down better and harder than anyone else.

Some of the things I say to myself when I forget to return a call, miss a deadline, or neglect to drink a cold press juice in the morning are downright awful. I would never speak to someone else as such.

So why am I not affording myself the same amount of grace?

Throughout the years, I’ve placed so much emphasis on developing my style. I am now at a space in my life where I am applying that same amount of energy, or more on extending myself grace.

I’m conscious of my thoughts.

I’m seeking partials versus the (unhealthy) all-or-nothing attitude I once had.

I’m (trying trés trés) hard not to stress over le petit things.

Will I be disappointed if I don’t make my Tuesday, Vlog; Thursday, Blog “deadline”? Absolutely.

But will I question deleting my entire blog or YouTube channel because I’m “late” (am I really late if I’ve set my own schedule) on posting? Absolutely not. Et oui, I have contemplated deleting this entire endeavor because I missed a posting time on Instagram or the blog. #obsessive.

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, student, or employee, we ALL have BEAUCOUP stressors in our lives. There are some deadlines that we simply cannot miss.

There are phone calls and conversations that we must have. But if there’s anything trivial or none urgent they can be postponed for the sake of your mental or emotional health, do it!

It’s time that we apply layers and layers of self-care internally, not just during our skincare routines.

Because after all, what’s style without grace?

Be gentle with yourselves mes amies !

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Andrea

    Hi hi.. allowing ourselves Grace these days is so beautiful and important for ourselves. Just juggling life and living is so much in its own.
    Always love and appreciate your all your content❤️

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