Loving the Skin I’m In: Skincare Routine

Bonjour mes amies!

For months mes amies on Instagram, have asked me to share my skincare routine.

I’ve been super reluctant to do so for multiple reasons.

Un. I’m not a beauty blogger.

Deux. For years my skin regime consisted of Clean & Clear avec Vaseline.

Trois. Did I tell you about the pre-South Africa, Stephanie’s face incident?

Long story long, I was living with Steph (before Ju and I moved to South Africa) and I thought it would be so fun for Steph and I to have an at-home spa day.

I’d purchased face masks for us to enjoy while binge watching a BBC show of my choosing (Steph tolerates all of me.) About trois mins into wearing the face mask, Steph asked was my face burning (mine wasn’t.)

Deux mins later, Steph took off her mask, and her face was beet red. I was TERRIFIED. I thought we were going to have to go to the ER.

With all of that being said, I don’t like giving skincare or relationship advice.

Did I tell you about ma (former) amie I gave relationship advice to?

Non? D’accord, we’ll save that for another blog.

Without further adieu, here is my daytime skincare routine. This routine does not include my once-a-week regime or my nighttime routine.

Comment below if you’d like for me to share my weekly and nightly skincare routine.

Ciao for now 💋

Products used in video (most affordably priced:)

Chanel Mask

Exfoliating Pads

Rose Water Toner

Under Eye Cream

Hydrating Serum

Restoring Serum



  1. S Walker

    Yes please do a weekly and nighttime routine. Thank you!

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