Le Damaged Dame: How I RUINED My Louis Vuitton

Bonjour mes amies!

I am finally at a place of peace that will allow me the space to discuss my recent (luxury) loss.

Le sigh…

The loss of a luxury item is never easy, but this one mes amies was trés, trés, trés difficle.

This belle was not easily obtained. In every city that The Husband and I traveled to, I always walked into Louis Vuitton with an open heart (he an open wallet.)

While in Milan, I was informed that no one in the country had the item in stock.

In Madrid, I was told that there was UN in Barcelona. While gulping champagne (trés unbecoming, but I had a flight or train to catch), I frantically began to search for the next mode of transportation departing Madrid arriving in Barcelona.

Voila, if we leave right now, we can get the 13:30 AVE departing Atocha and arrive in Barcelona in less than trois heures.” I waved impatiently to The Husband.

Just as I was about to confirm our tickets, my SA returned only to tell me that the shop in Barcelona did not have the item in stock.”

Queue une autre coupe de champagne.

London. While in London, I found the ever so elusive Madeleines that had been sold out in said cities for an extended period. I thought I’d test my luck and inquire about the additional belle.

Non, no luck, but I wasn’t as upset. Having purchased one of my sought-after pieces sufficed.

Fast forward to a few months later, in Paris.

I’m optimistic, but I’d indeed given up on adding this piece to my ever-growing Louis Vuitton Travel Collection.

It was a gloomy day in Paris (I was in my entire element). I walked into Louis Vuitton with a list. I met a new amazing SA (we still keep in touch), and after securing all of the items on my list, I randomly asked did they have my wanted piece.

Oui, I’ll go and get it.”

That simple mes amies, no “let me check our system.”

I gasped and drank une autre coupe de champagne.

I video chatted The Husband and he could feel my delight.

Fast, fast forward to April 2020. I was scheduled to get a spa pedicure avec my vlog-hating cousin. I was late for my Apple appointment, I didn’t have lunch, and I was in overdrive.

I stopped for a quick snack, and when I reached for my Chanel cardholder, my .34oz of perfume shattered on the mall’s floor. I was crushed. I looked at my watch and realized that I had no time to mourn; I was late for my pedicure.

While laughing avec my cousin and selecting which spa treatment I’d prefer, I went to reach for my ______ (you’ll see below) and noticed a liquid spot on the monogram.

As I attempted to wipe the splattered liquid from the monogram, the entire canvas SLID.

Actual footage of me at the salon

Oui mes amies, the shattered perfume MELTED the monogram.

I called The Husband, and I was hysterical. I desperately wanted him to share my outrage.

He replied:

“We’ll get you another one. Here or in Paris.”

I’ve never been so happy and annoyed simultaneously.

Before watching this video, brace yourself, mes amies. If you’re sensitive to seeing damaged luxury goods, DO NOT press play.

Have you ever damaged a monogram or any other luxury pieces?

Share the sadness below.

Ciao for now 💋

Deux of the trois Kirigami pieces were damaged.


  1. S Walker

    So sorry this happened. I think I would’ve cried and just curled up in a ball….honestly.

  2. Anonymous

    I literally shed a tiny tear. I am so sorry.

  3. Theresa

    I feel u Omgg girl

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