Say Yes to the Dress, Again. Part II

Bonjour mes amies ! It is no secret that I embrace, endorse, and employ mes amies never to fear repeating pieces from their wardrobe. In fact, this is the seconde blog that I’ve written on the subject. Say Yes to the Dress, Again, Part I.

I’ll never forget receiving a DM (direct message) via Instagram shortly thereafter starting my blogging endeavor.

I love that you wear the same clothes

Honestly, I was a bit taken aback by the message because I grew up in an era that turned its nose up at the thought of being seen wearing the same necklace yet only clothes.

For every event you attended, it was a must that you wore something new because God forbid you’d be photographed in the same ensemble.

I remember the days of rushing to the nearest fast-fashion chain to buy a dress that would (hopefully) last through the night.

There was a point where I wouldn’t even pack the essentially disposable dresses I’d purchased while partying the night away at some discothèque in some European city. I’d simply toss it the following morning.

I soon realized that while my closet was growing, I often had nothing to wear.

After one wash, colors bled, and fabrics shrank. I found myself purchasing a minimum of twelve twenty-dollar dresses a year because they never lasted a season.

Not only was I wasting time continuing to go shopping trying to replace the same pieces, but I was harming the environment.

When I was a textile designer in Istanbul, Turkey, I saw firsthand how harmful fast fashion was to the environment.

When I decided to say “Yes to the Dress, Again,” I knew wholeheartedly that I would have to invest. Once I began to invest (not spend) on particular pieces in my wardrobe, I also knew that I would have to start being secure with being seen in the same piece multiple times. For un, the pieces are much pricier (but will last much longer) than fast fashion garments, et deux I absolutely adore wearing it, or else I wouldn’t have purchased it.

To my surprise and delight, very few people noticed that I was wearing the same few pieces. Their focus was more on the craftsmanship, the texture of the garment I was wearing but mostly the way I styled it.

I’d be remiss if I did not mention that most of my wardrobe is monochromatic, so it is much easier to recycle garments. In my vintage blog posts-Legos and Legos 2.0, I touch upon the beauty of the building a well-crafted fundamental (never essential) wardrobe before added “pops.”

Mes amies, wear your clothes, however, and whenever you like. As long as the pieces are clean and you are well-groomed, so what if it’s the same dress or britches.

Do not let the vanity metrics of social media or society as a whole make you feel less than because your closet isn’t bulging at the seams (just as these fast fashion items are.) Many of the influencers that you adore are wearing gifted items. So while you are spending your hard-earned dollars, they are simply returning the borrowed pieces after photographing them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I practice what I teach. If you don’t believe me, view the video below.

Are you cautious about repeating wearing pieces online or in general? I’d love to hear from you below.

Lastly, be sure to tag me if you decide to boldly “Say Yes to the Dress, Again” so I can repost you on my social media platform.

Because my shoes weren’t shown in the profile pic.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Melissa L James

    Yes, I really have to be mindful of the fast fashion. Plus I need to remember that its okay to put outfits in a rotation. Love the article and the dress. Stay bless and cannot wait until your next article.

    • Oh yes! As much as even fast fashion costs these days, we must become comfortable repeating looks. If we feel good in it, why now!?

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