Legos 2.0: Upgraded Wardrobe

Mon amie: What are you wearing for our cocktail date tomorrow?

Moi: A black skirt.

Holiday en Madrid

Whhhhaaaatttttttt, is it not a black skirt? Non?

She didn’t stay upset long.  Its hard to be angry at someone wearing a tutu.

In “Legos” I discussed the (personalized) fundamentals of creating a sustainable wardrobe. Once you have laid your foundation and you’ve perfected the art of mixing and matching your existing pieces, it’s now time to make things interesting.

Below are a few of my fundamental pieces, upgraded. Extremely.

Le Noir Dress.

If you’ve followed my blog or social media for the past 15 mins you know that I unabashedly adore this noir dress.  Every magazine will proclaim that all women need a LBD (little black dress.)  I do not agree.  If you do not like black and prefer navy, gray, or orange, do so! But add a second LND, LGD or LOD with un petit plus flair! Leather, lace, feathers do try!

Le noir shoe. 

Due to the amount of nior that I wear, nior shoes are nonnegotiable. Instead of solely (no pun intended) relying on an understated pump, I have several options that transforms an outfit to an ensemble.   

Le Blanc Top

“This thing is over the top, gaudy, so voluminous and invasive.  I’ll take it!” Everything about this fundamental blanc blouse is upgraded, and it makes me so happy.  From the time it takes to prep (ironing this blouse is emotionally draining) to the conversations it starts all day. 


I clutch my pearls in my pajamas.  Oui, I used to wear pearls to bed until the husband told me they were a choking hazard.  My daily pearls have gotten more obstructive by the day.  It’s bad.  I can’t even take a phone call with these things on.  I simply reassure myself that the caller wasn’t discussing anything of interest. If it was truly important, they would text. Until that last sentence, I’ve always denied that I was a millennial. 

If you’re partial to gold (or silver) necklaces or earring, get them larger or more ornate for those days that you want to “do the most.”


The train car was empty. I would NEVER fill a seat with a packed car.

Sometimes a clutch just doesn’t suffice.  The husband questions if I am coming home at times because my bag is that grande.  Jumbo size it; your favorite color, shape or print.  Find a bag of your liking and cause a stare.  My latest “purse” is not an actual purse.  It’s luggage.  I chose the beau because it provided a structure bottom, zippered closing and would clearly hold my life in transit.  I’ve only worn it twice to date, but so many people have stopped me for details because they’ve never seen this bag before.

Perhaps it’s the art historian and fashion design major in me, but every garment has the potential to be a work of art.  Design and style are the most approachable forms of art. I love the conversation that over-the-top, extravagant and sometime aggressive garments arouse in absolute strangers.  Think of the connections you’ve made via social media with people from every country or economical status, over a purse or jacket.

Take your time and curate a wardrobe that makes you smile and then add small pieces to upgrade it.

How do you feel about over-the-top/upgraded garments?

Are you considering adding more interesting garments to your warbrobe?   

Ciao for now 💋


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