Who Art Thou June?

It wasn’t until I started my blogging endeavor and created a business Instagram page that I discovered June Ambrose.  June Ambrose was in a queue of suggested verified persons of interest (that sounds very America’s Most Wanted-esq) that I should follow. Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and one of the Jenner offsprings, were also listed.   Needless to say, I followed none of them. 

On my commute home, I logged back into by newly established @cappuccinosandconsignment Instagram page and couldn’t resist clicking on the one verified “person of interest” that I didn’t know.  I felt like Alice, falling down a much needed commuter rabbit hole.

Who is this spunky woman?

Dance moves, couture garments, skincare tips, culinary, oh my!

I soon found myself at home Googling “June Ambrose.”

My first degree is a Bachelor’s of Art in Fashion Design. I also consider myself a well-informed fashion/style aficionado. Lastly, I have been subscribed to both US and international Vogue’s  since I was in high school

Why didn’t I know June?

While receiving an almost year by year chronical of June’s accomplishments from my dearest Phoenix and continuing to Google, I was absolutely baffled at her experience and contribution to the world of fashion. 

It was then that I realized, though I didn’t know her, I was VERY aware of her work.

I would like to take a moment to salute stylist everywhere.

Your tireless work building brands, images and trends while going mostly unnoticed by the public is truly inspiring.   

Now lets fast forward to June’s closet sale!

After weeks of reading about her pending closet sale, I contemplated if I should go. 

I decided not to. 

I was certain that the sale would be directed by her trusted staff. I was also certain that there would be a continuously looping video of her thanking everyone for shopping her closet.

But there was a certain je ne sais quoi about the amount of energy she displayed via her social media feed. Along with the personalization of the pieces she was selecting to sale at the event.

I couldn’t resist.

I called a dear friend and at a moments notice, we were boarding a business class Amtrak car, en route to NYC. There we would shop the curated collection of June Ambrose while being direct by her lovely staff as her hologram glared happily upon us.

Here’s a video recapping our Saturday of shopping avec June en NYC 

When I saw June, I was in total awe.  Again, I was planning to see a hologram.  She didn’t just make an appearance, she RAN the sale! Personally letting in dix shoppers at a time to create an intimate shopping experience (or abiding to existing fire codes.) Nevertheless, she was PRESENT.  Chatting with patrons about what they should pair the item with, giving a history of the garments and appeasing me with a bargain war. 

There was a Dries von Noten sweater that a woman I stalked throughout the shop finally put back on the rack.  As soon as she did, I POUNCED.  See, there’s an art form to luring an undecided shopper to putting back an item you’re lusting over. 

I can teach you (but I’ll have to charge.)

As I was spotted holding the garment, a few of June’s staff members gasped when they saw the sweater.  One of them noted that the sweater shouldn’t have been on the sales floor.  That’s when I REALLY wanted it. 

Preparing to forsake purchasing cappuccinos for the remainder of the year, I was willing to pay the cost for this vintage beau. 

“June, how much is this?” yelled the cashier

“Oh that’s the Dries von Noten” June replied with squinted eyes while comically looking me up and down.

“$200.00” June replied.

“June…I traveled here, JUST for your event.  Work with me now.” I suggested

“Ok, you’re right.  $199.00” she shrieked the most accurate Cruella de Vil tone.

“I don’t think you understand June.  I took THE train, TRAIN.  I crossed states line, not boroughs.” I declared.

Head tossed back in a playful disregard she murmured “Fine, $125” through clinched teeth.

“June.  Business class.  Amtrak.” I professed. 

With bated breath she countered “Final offer $75.00.”

At that moment, I smiled and handed the (patient) cashier my card and additional items.

That experience alone, was worth the wait. 

Here a few tips I’d like to end with if you plan to shop June’s (or any other noted fashion icons) closet sale.

1.       Layer. 

Wear extremely form fitting garments that will allow you to try on clothes in the open.  There typically aren’t dressing rooms in these venues. I wore a bodycon dress with a sheer button up dress.

2.       Be honest with yourself.

There were times that the sheer thought of being in such a style driven atmosphere, I was tempted to buy pieces that I know I would not have worn.  Stay true to you.  Also, be realistic regarding size and alterations.  Are you really going to get those pants hemmed? Will you truly have the tailor to take the dress in three sizes and remove the sleeve?

3.       Be prepared. 

Be prepared to stand in line.  Be prepared to have strangers in your personal space so much so that in any other circumstance it would be considered harassment. Be prepared to network.  Be prepared to have your photo taken by complete strangers.  Be prepared by having cash! Yes, (not at this event) I have been at sample sales were cash could have gotten me a better deal or a quicker checkout because the credit card machine malfunctioned.  Be prepared to spend the day.  With the length of lines (entering and checking out) along with foraging throughout the venue, you will spend more time than you expected.  Be prepared with a snack and beverage.

Have you shopped a sample sale or a celebrity closet cleaning?

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Ciao for now 💋


  1. Stacey Mac

    I’ve followed Ms. Ambrose’s career for years. I’ve heard she is so sweet. Great post!

  2. Bella Grace

    I enjoyed this! I came looking for the site for the bags because I’m going to have my bag soon. To celebrate life after death. I’m going to have my bag by November 2.

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