What Do You Do?

I am asked this question (very) often (in the States.)

And my answer depends on where I am.

When I’m in the States, I give my current occupation in addition to what degrees I have to support said occupation.

However, when I’m abroad, I respond with whatever it is that I have taken an interest in.  Recently while the husband and I were in Madrid, when I was asked (always by Americans) “what do you do?” I gleefully noted that I was a WSET Level II candidate.  I would then begin to discuss the world of wine with such passion that it would have been awkward for them to ask “no, what do you REALLY do.”

I would have NEVER responded with such an answer at “home.”

I’m uncertain if the career/life status revolving responses are cultural or gender based.

Un autre example. 

If you ask most (American) women “tell me about about yourself” they would typically begin with:

“I’m a wife and/or mom of (insert offspring denomination.)  

I have never heard a man or European (woman) reply as such.

Why are we so externally based?

Why is what we “do” so closely correlated to careers or marital status?

What did you do before becoming a wife, or a mom?

I’m intentionally leaving this post extremely short, because I’d truly love to begin a conversation.

How do you respond when asked “what do you do?” Or “Tell me about yourself.”

I am challenging myself and you too, to respond to that question with an answer that is wholly focused on YOU.

Here’s my first attempt:

Bonjour! Je suis Jessie, a personal style advisor, blogger, vino et cappuccino connoisseur. 

What do you do?

Tell me about yourself “in the comments below.” PS, #jujuthecamerakid taught me that!

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Ciao for now 💋


  1. Stacey Mac

    When I get asked that question, yes I answer I am a Mom first. Asking myself this now. Who is Stacey Mac????
    I am a Stacey Mac, Coordinator with a Non-Profit. I am a foodie and love to travel. This will be a challenge I will report back the next time someone asks me that question.

  2. Mish

    I often answer that I “dance” not just because I want to see if I get the awkard GTFOH look because of my thick (fat) frame(surprisingly I usually don’t) … but more so to see who ASSumes that I mean take off my clothes for a living or if I do some type of other dance (its a great icebreaker LOL ) In my mind I have always been a dancer and music LOVER! Your blogs inspire me to think outside of the box and I LOVE IT…I would love to discuss more when I see you xoxoxo

    • Yayyyyyy! Thank you soooooo much for reading! I LOVE that you mention your hobby…vs everything else you could say when asked “what do you do?” The one profession I absolutely love telling people is “embalmer.” They’re either utterly disgusted or way too intrigued. Absolutely no middle ground. Let’s put strawers in our champagne bottles, sooner than later

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