Trophies: Storing Your Purses

Purchasing your first or fiftieth luxury bag feels like winning a championship ring or vert jacket. I would imagine. You see, the extent of my cardio begins and ends avec seeing my shopping cart empty apres hesitating to make a purchase.

So you’ve secured the bag, while securing the bag.  Now what?

Do you wrap it in plastic and place it in the back of your closet? Or raise the curtains so your nosey neighbor can see it displayed on your mantle?

Oui, mes amies, purchasing luxury items is a complete lifestyle. Your to-do list expands much further than posting it on IG. To ensure that your coveted purchase(s) stay in the most pristine condition you MUST take caution. 

Here are a few of my do’s and do not’s for proper care and storage.

Louis Vuitton Keepall


To keep proper shaping, I stuff my bags with pillows or old (clean) clothes.  Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT stuff your bags with ANYTHING plastic.  Plastic cannot breathe, and depending on the temperature of your closet or place of storage the plastic will sweat or even melt thus ruining the inside of your belle.  Using cotton products to stuff your bag(s) will allow proper air circulation and will also absorb moisture.

True Blood.

The sun will ruin a bag, regardless of the fabric.  Patent leather will melt. Upholstered fabrics will become discolored and leather will lose its luster.  Ensure that your pieces are not stored in direct sunlight.  I do not use dust bags because I like seeing my belles displayed in my dressing room.  To protect them from exposure I place them in the center of the room (not by the window) and turn the blinds up to block (some) of the sun.

Wipe Me Down.

I can honestly say that I don’t do this as often as I should but please do so.  Use a microfiber clothe to dust your bag off prior to storing it.  Throughout the day so much grit and grim collects on the surface and can become embedded.


I do not allow my bags to touch, regardless of the fabric.  Color transfer is REAL.  I once stored a rouge bag next to a cream one, now I have a rosé clutch.

Handles Up, Tucked or Stuffed.

Do not allow handles to rest on the outside of your bags.  Depending on how long your bag is stored, the straps can/will leave indentations or color transfer.  Stiff handles I stand up.  The chains of my CHANEL jumbo flab, I stuff inside.  Neverfull straps, I tuck inward.


A thin slip of fabric separates the bag from the surface

Always place a barrier between your bag and the surface on which it is laid.  I made a VERY rookie mistake and placed moi CHANEL patent leather jumbo flab on a bare surface.  When I went to get la belle pour un nuit on the town, I heard a “currrrrrrshhhh” as I retrieved la belle from the self.  I nearly went into cardiac arrest. Rest assured, elle was unscathed. At that moment, I realized that I am STILL favored by the designer deities.

Voila mes amies! These are a few of the tips that I use to secure le trophies.

How do you store your belles?

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Stacey Mac

    My most luxury bag to date is my Dooney & Bourke and my Coach Purses. Ill have a a LV one day. Any who I store them on top of my chester drawer in my room. I never thought to dust them. I will keep that in mind. Great blog, loved the tips. 🙂

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