Closet Edit Video This video was recorded before I realized I had a loc out of place and several other issues. Needless to say, I trashed the entire recording. Everything happens as it should! My second recording is MUCH more organized and MUCH shorter. I hope you enjoy! Please be certain to like and comment. Ciao for [...]

Rules & Regulations: Of Style

There are so many rules and regulations in life.  If some of those rules and regulations are broken, hefty fines and/or jail sentences are soon to follow. With so many freedom or financial contingent laws to abide by, your style should not be a potential felony. I’ve never been one to follow rules, stylistically speaking [...]

Shoot Your Shot: Asking for Photos

Bonjour mes amies! I don’t like having photos taken of me.  I’m more than certain some audibly gasped and/or called me a ________ (insert your word of choice) liar. C’est vrai! I am overly critical of myself and I’m truly not photogenic.  Some people have that certain je ne sais qoui that allows them to [...]