C’est un fête!

Bonjour mes amies! This Sat, Feb 1st we will celebrate Cappuccinos & Consignment's first birthday! It's still so surreal. Now, to the logistics. You all will meet the driver at 4:45PM at Penn Station in Baltimore. If that is an issue, please stop reading this post and message me immediately. The fête begins the moment [...]

Take Care. Of Your Vintage.

Now that you've learned the difference between Thrift, Vintage & Consignment shopping, you’ve decided to put said knowledge to use. By shopping of course. You've gleefully purchased an immaculately maintained vintage 1950s wool coat (with a contrasting fur collar) from a thrift shop. But now that you’re in the closed quarters of your home, it [...]

Thrifting Tips 101

Bonjour mes amies! After leaving the house for a free espresso crafted drink at Starbucks, I ventured into a thrift store. While shopping and sharing stories via my Instagram, I of course conducted a poll (I absolutely LOVE those polls.) 100% of those who voted wanted to receive thrifting tips! In a separate post, I [...]

Blog Formatting PSA

Bonjour mes amies! Only today did I discover that the full content of my blog post (videos, collages, etc.) are not shown via email. Certainly do not unsubscribe from receiving new post notifications! Merely use said emails as a prompt to access my site and enjoy the full Cappuccinos & Consignment Experience. Below I've highlighted [...]