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Bonjour mes amies! I am SQUEALING! It is official the C&C Stylebox is live and I’m ready to play dress up.

It’s no secret that I am an OOTD (outfit of the day) repeater. C’est vrai! I’m très, très particular about what I add to my wardrobe and believe it or not, I don’t like shopping.

So when the opportunity was presented to create a monthly style subscription box avec unlimited rentals, I gasped.

first subscription box try-on

Maintenant, let’s chat about how the subscription service works and then we’ll circle back to my excitement.

How the stylebox works:

1️⃣ BROWSE,, and fill your virtual closet avec pieces you love.

2️⃣ RENT, receive two items at a time to wear for as long as you’d like or as short as you’d like. If you’d like additional pieces within a month, ship the previous two items back (free prepaid packaging included avec every order), and you’ll get two more from your virtual closet.

3️⃣ REPEAT, switch up your look all month long with unlimited boxes, exchanges, free dry cleaning, and free shipping.

Who is the box for?

Anyone who knows or are in the process of discovering their style and wants the opportunity to test new styles. This box would also serve those who are currently losing or gaining weight. Not having to buy a new wardrobe at every step can save you beaucoup time (and money.)

Must I be a size “Jessie”?

Absolutely NOT. I was certain to ensure that mes amies of every stature was included. While each designer offered via the box (over 100 designers) range in sizes, many carry sizes up to a 30W.

For my content creators! Voilà this box will allow us to test trends and switch up the looks (*without having to keep the tag attached and return after photoshoots) click here to read all about it.

Combien, Jessie?

$50/month and your first month is sur la mansion!

As a member, you also have the option the purchase the pieces you love at a discounted rate. The cognac faux leather dress? It’s mine now! For 65% off the retail price.

Testing new styles or having an ever-flowing wardrobe does not have to be expensive or wasteful.

If you have more questions, visit the site, I’m busy filling my rotating closet (just kidding!)

Back to my excitement! Oui mes amies! I am beyond delighted to have access to unlimited looks (not having to physically go to a mall is an extra perk) for one set price. As I am now further into my content creating career and being invited to more events, I want options now more than ever.

Merci beaucoup mes amies for your continued support, it means more than you know.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Product_snob

    👋 seour I’m so excited Congratulations 🎈

  2. Anonymous

    This is amazing!!! I’m so glad you’re expanding your brand.

  3. Sherie Durand Tazewell

    Congratulations !! This is great thing for these times that we are in esp. since the COVID year many of us stop going into the office and don’t have work clothes and may have gain or loss weight. Also it is great for window shopping and getting ideas of what you would like to own or add to your wardrobe. Amazing add to your portfolio.

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