Having An Abundant Mindset

Bonjour mes amies! There is enough for everyone.

In a recent vlog, I shared that I, as many, grew up avec un scarcity mindset.

For so long, I believed there was only room for a few or that if someone did it first, there wouldn’t be space pour moi.

Many things contribute to the school of scarcity—family, community, socioeconomics, and lastly, your mindset.

Unlearning scarce thoughts and learning abundance takes work, but it is possible.

Start by being aware of your thoughts in the most minuter situations.

Example: “I’ll never find a parking spot around here.”

Reframe that thought.

“I will find the best parking spot for me.”

It is nearly impossible to create grand abundant thoughts if you don’t believe the small ones.

I believe that everything I want, I will get.

Will those wants just appear, perhaps, but I’m willing to work toward those wants mentally and physically.

I know wholeheartedly that it doesn’t matter who did it first, better or faster. I rest assured knowing those things don’t matter because there is enough for me whenever I reach my goal.

Believing in abundance is believing that there is beaucoup good in the world.

Believing in abundance is believing that you DESERVE your heart’s desire.

Resources are plentiful, in fact, and theory. We don’t all want the same things in life. Therefore, “it,” whatever it is, won’t “run out.”

Abundance to you may be working remotely.

Abundance to her, maybe having a healthy child.

Abundance to him may be healing from childhood trauma.

Abundance to them maybe creating a safe space to simply be.

Living in abundance begins with thinking abundantly.

Ciao for now 💋


    1. Danene Charles

      Abundance! Abundance! Abundance! I believe it! There is more than enough for everybody. The challenge is finding YOUR lane, that only you can fill. Jessie, thank you for sharing with us. This was good!!!!

  1. Dawndria D finnie

    I ❤️ u. If Iam ever in Washington or u in Memphis we will need to greet and meet. U are a fabulous Awesome Doll!🔥💃❤️🎯💯✅️

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