The Power of Manifesting

Bonjour mes amies et bonne annee!

2023 was the FIRST year that I ever created a vision board. If you’re not familiar avec vision boards, it is the act of physically gathering visuals (via magazine or printing photos) of goals or items that you would like to acquire/achieve during the year. Once you have collected said images, you typically adhere them to a board.

I grew up in the era of collages, so clipping and pasting are my favorite pastimes. Mais, so much has changed since my Teen Vogue days. Not wanting to set aside time to hide (from my toddler because she’d tear the pages) and create a physical vision board (in addition to being low on toner), I decided to set aside the excuses and create a digital vision board.

At 20:00 on the 1st of Jan, while finally relaxing on the sofa in the mancave, I began to download photos and then added them to my virtual vision board.

The first photo, which I’ll now refer to as “vision,” was of a news studio.

I envisioned introducing myself and Cappuccinos and Consignment to a broader audience via a news segment.


Mes amies, on the 5th of Jan, my interview on Local Living DC aired LIVE (click here to watch.)

I manifested this and I am still in awe.

After concluding my 25 Days of Vlogging (click here to watch the entire series via Youtube) I shared a vlog about the many lessons I learned in 2022, which mainly centered around abundance and manifesting (click here to watch.) While, to date, only one of my visions has come to fruition (which isn’t bad since this is just the first week of the year), another one has come to light and is now pending a contract for finalization.

I believe wholeheartedly that we can convert any dream we have into a reality.

I am delighted to announce that I will be hosting a virtual vision board soirée on Tues, Jan 10th at 7:30 PM EST. Tickets for the event are $5.00 (payments can be sent via CashApp $madamecappuccinos, please enter your email address in the “notes” section.) The soiree will include a digital vision board tutorial, how I intentionally manifest, and a few of the visions I placed on my board.

Remember, you do not need to buy tickets or a group to create a vision board successfully. This can be done independently.

I am hosting this soirée simply because I am a believer in the power of numbers, and I absolutely love hosting and chatting avec mes amies in real-time.

I wish you all a year of abundance!

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Tabitha

    Omg I love the news segment, and I really enjoyed the 25 days of vlogging. Now you need your own tv show 😆 I’d most definitely watch!

  2. Marie

    Love this post, is the digital soirée on Friday, February 10 or Tuesday February 7th?

  3. Anonymous

    OMG! TOOOO CUTE! I am happy for you! Your are such an inspiration!

  4. Melissa James

    So happy for you and congratulations. I will be there.

  5. Florence Mccullum

    I love love love your show. I’m 58 and just watching your makes me smiles as we have so much in common with style. You’re so pleasant to watch. Your family is so beautiful also. Things I was scared to fashion I don’t anymore 🙏🏽. Keep doing what you’re doing so uplifting and such a pleasure to arch. 🙏🏽

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry I meant to say such a pleasure to watch 🤣

  7. Anonymous

    Wow wow I love all of your content. You are my muse.

  8. Emanon

    Omg seour im so excited for 2023 and what God will do in our lives can’t wait to see you in

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