Unplugging avec un Livre | Book Club

Bonjour mes amies!

I have missed you all dearly! While I have neglected my beloved blog, I had been trés, trés active on YouTube. As a personal challenge, I committed to “VLOGMAS.” Vlogmas is a term used on YouTube to refer to posting videos on YouTube for 25 consecutive days. That was a HUGE undertaking, pour moi. Prior to Vlogmas, I posted on YouTube once a week. In addition to the bold commitment, I’m not a holiday person.

Most content creators share themselves preparing for the holidays, tree decorating, etc. I had to figure out a way to do Vlogmas my way.

I spent 25 Days sharing more about myself personally and professionally, fashion history, personal style, behind-the-scenes content creation, and beaucoup more. Click here to catch up.

With so much time recording, editing, and posting on social media (I was still active on Instagram and TikTok), I need to “unplug.”

Can you believe there was a time when I didn’t like social media?

Oui mes amies! Versus constantly posting online, I did everything I currently do (traveling, wine, shopping, etc.) without sharing it with the world.

During that era, I would read upwards of six books a month. Now that I have entered a new field, i.e., social media, I have put my passion for reading aside.

That ends in 2023.

I have created a monthly book club to regain my desire to enjoy the literary arts and hold myself accountable.

Mes amies will meet monthly to discuss the book of the month. Our book selections will range from travel, fiction, nonfiction, self-help, foreign languages (translated to English), and more.

If you’re interested in exploring the Cappuccinos and Consignment Book Club, click here.

I look forward to growing avec vous soon!

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Anonymous

    Awesomeness!!! I will be joining in February. I am already 2 books in for the month of January.

  2. Launita E Robinson

    This is AMAZING! This was a HUGE commitment and you NAILED it!!! CONGRATS on getting it done! This is not only cool but very inspirational!!! YAY!!!!

  3. beyondbeauty754d8101d8c

    Awesome sauce 💥💖

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