Starbucks and Delta Rewards Collaboration

Bonjour mes amies! My dreams have come TRUE! All of my years of jet-setting and cappuccino drinking are paying off.

Delta Airlines and Starbucks are partnering and are matching rewards. Oui mes amies! For every $1 that you spend at Starbucks will earn 1-mile avec Delta.

So WHAT’S the catch you ask?

Relatively speaking, there isn’t a catch. To partake in these rewards you must be a member of both companies. If you don’t have Starbucks or Delta SkyMiles accounts, simply go to one of their websites and “Sign-Up.” There is zero cost to create an account with either company, so outside of a few targeted emails, there isn’t a catch.

Once you create an account with either company, LINK to two accounts to ensure that each dollar you spend at Starbucks is converted into a mile. It gets better mes amies, on your Delta Fly Day; you will receive double Stars (how Starbucks refer to their points), which convert to miles.

When is Delta’s “Travel Day” you ask?

Delta Travel Day is not a set date, it is the day when you are eligible to earn Double Stars at Starbucks. That day is from 12:01 AM to midnight on the departure date of your Delta-marketed or Delta-operated flight.

But to earn Double Stars, you must have purchased the flight at least 48 hours before departure (so sadly, my affinity for catching last-minute flights won’t benefit me here.) Additionally, you must include your SkyMiles number when you book your flight to qualify for double Stars.

To streamline any additional questions I have included populare FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.)

Is there an expiration date to join?

Yes, December 31, 2022.

Do I have to contact Starbucks every time I want to travel?

No, once you link your accounts, you will automatically earn miles and stars on qualifying purchases.

Can I get miles for previous Starbucks purchases?

Sadly, no. Trust me, I tried.

Will my miles expire?

SkyMiles don’t expire.

Will my Stars earned with Starbucks Rewards expire?

Oui, six months after accrual.

Is there a cap on the number of Miles or Stars I can earn?

Nope! So drink up!

Quick glimpse of when you cannot earn stars/miles:

  • Refunded, void or unused tickets, including unused nonrefundable tickets.
  • Airline employees, travel agents, tour conductors, and/or other persons traveling on a nonrevenue basis or travel industry/cargo customer discount fares.
  • Charter flights.

Lastly, after much digging, I found that gift cards do not earn you points. That broke my heart because mes amies have been so kind and often send me cappuccinos via Starbucks gift cards, and I would have cherished each drink (even more), knowing that your treating me was treating you.

Now that you’re caffeinated and ready to clear customs, take a moment to read about cafe culture around the world by click here. And if you need a bit of travel inspiration, click here to watch my recent travels.

I hope this blog delivered unexpected good news to mes amies today! And of course, if you’d like to treat your favorite francophile, high bun wearing, consignment store shopping blogger to a caffeinated treat, I always appreciate it:

Ciao for now 💋


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