Waist Not, Want Not: My Weight Loss Journey

Bonjour mes amies !

One of the more challenging aspects of being a content creator (besides constantly thinking of innovative content) is not being redundant across all platforms.

Currently, I blog weekly (here), Youtube (weekly vlog), Instagram (daily), and a TikTok and Pinterest account that I’ve yet to figure out.

Shortly after giving birth to Babiccina (what mes amies on Instagram call my six-month-old daughter), I shared via my Instagram Stories (videos that delete in 24hrs) that I was uncomfortable with my then size, a size six.

I received the most hateful message shaming me for complaining about being a size six because people are really battling weight loss, not trying to brag and gain sympathy.

I was crushed

From that day on, I never mentioned my battle with losing Babiccina weight. But then, one day, I looked at my red trainers collecting dust (during my entire pregnancy, I walked about trois km a day) and decided enough was enough.

Not only was I going to be proactive about returning to my pre-Babiccina size deux dresses, but I was going to speak about my weight insecurities on social media and not let anyone shame me.

To my surprise, after posting a video of my day un: walking to lose weight journey, I received beaucoup positive reinforcement.

While I have not reached my size deux goal, I am slowly making progress. Yesterday, I was able to zip a pair of vintage britches that have ABSOLUTELY zero stretch.

What has been my weight loss secret?

There is no secret. I have made a conscious decision to allow myself grace and forgiveness as I continue on this journey.

I don’t weigh in solely because there isn’t a number goal that I am trying to obtain; I merely want to fit in my pre-Babiccina dresses.

In all honesty, I’ve fallen off of my daily exercise routine. Initially, I stopped walking because of the Brood X cicadas plaguing 14 States. In lieu of walking, I started doing at-home aerobics, which I utterly detest.

I’ve never enjoyed organized fitness. I prefer to walk long distances, listening to podcasts, or calling a loved one.

Since I don’t believe in restrictions (which is a very American approach to weight loss), I continue to eat all of the things; full-fat butter, fromage, yogurt, pastries, gelato, and, of course, vin rouge. I enjoy all of these things in moderation.

I continue to stay hydrated by drinking no less than 2.5ltr of water a day. Most mornings prior to having my beloved cappuccino, I drink a cold press juice and a glass of water (the glass of water before a cappuccino is a must.)

I’m hoping to resume my extended walks trés, trés soon, and I’m trying to find a balance to begin to incorporate strength training into my weight loss regimen.

Another challenging aspect of content creations is putting some of your more vulnerable moments out there for any and everyone to see. Knowing that once you press “publish,” you’ve opened yourself up to the world to receive praise, pity, or pessimism.

C’est la vie mes amies !

If you’d like to share your weight loss journey, goals or accomplishments avec moi I invite you to leave a message below.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. pwee3

    You are phenomenal! Everyone’s journey is different and happens at different intervals. Please give yourself some grace dear. You will be back to your pre-baby weight in no time!

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