If You Like It Then You Should’ve Put Your Name On It: Monogramming Luxury

Bonjour mes amies!

There are so many levels to (tangible) luxury living. One of the levels that I haven’t entered is:


I will never forget j’étais une petite fille, and I skipped school…to visit an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. Oui mes amies, I skipped school to go to a museum. I actually got caught. Instead of blending in and leaving the museum when the field trip buses left, I hung around. C’est la vie.

Nonetheless, I was in the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, and I found myself staring at the most regal woman (versus the art.)

She was sleek, statuesque, and seemingly simple to the naked eye.

Even as une petite fille, my eyes were not naked; I devoured French and American Vogue religiously.

My first pair of Ferragamo’s

Her powder blue bow front pumps (I later purchased the same pair vintage in Milan) were Ferragamo. Her black turtleneck was cashmere, she wore wool-blend trousers, and her trench was classic Burberry.

At first glance, I knew the trench had been tailored to her exact specifications. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. As she took her rain jacket off and meticulously draped it over her arm (which housed one tennis bracelet), I could see her initials monogrammed in the lining.

Trés chic.

J’adore, when I see stylish belles, dawned avec un LVs (Louis Vuitton) in Heritage stripes and initialed.

But I’m just not there yet.

Why? Je ne sais pais…

I’m uncertain if it’s the commitment.

Vintage mes amies know, this isn’t my first marriage. Oddly enough, my first marriage’s surname and my maiden name were the same initial. This time around, it’s a different letter. With that, I think about had I monogrammed any of my luxury pieces then, would I still wear them now?

Another reason that isn’t paramount pour moi is resell.

I never purchase with the intent to resell, and to date, I’ve only sold two of my purses (I actually regret one), what if I do want to resell? I’m assuming unless someone has my exact initials, the item will be “worth” less.

My first trail run avec monogram was my “H” Celine necklace purchased in Paris.

That purchase was a bit “forced,” so to speak. The necklaces had been sold-out in the States forever, and the “H” was the only letter in stock. Perhaps it was fate.

Dior in Madrid

My next significant monogram purchase was made in Madrid.

The Husband and I had beaucoup verre du champagne, and after shopping at Balenciaga, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton, we made our way to Dior.

I’d been searching for a trés, trés specific twilly, and oddly enough, they only had “J” and “H” in stock. I was so torn.

But after looking at The Husband’s puppy dog eyes, I toasted “Santeavec moi verre du champagne and reached for the “H.”

Once we left Dior, I told The Husband:

“Now we’re official.”

To which The Husband replied:

“I assumed the ring, marriage, and home, made us official.”

C’est la vie mes amies.

Merci beaucoup to @ jbspeaks for having an in-depth conversation avec moi over on Instagram about monogramming luxury goods. We also share the same initials…are you thinking what I’m thinking, mes amies ? Oui, a monogrammed luxury good trading partner!

Do you have any monogrammed/personalized luxury goods?

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Melissa James

    I don’t monogram or personalize any item because I am always looking to resale the items after a time. 😂

  2. Johntia H.

    I am smiling from ear to ear. This is the blog post I’ve been waiting on. 😁 I have always loved my name and initials printed everywhere.
    Before I got married I was so torn on what my official initials would be. Would I drop my maiden name? Could I hyphenate? Would I only take on my Husband’s surname? Before I was legally JH. I had a few pieces monogrammed a $65 USD T-shirt that reads “JSH”, a purse and a $115 poncho.
    I am legally J_H. ☺️ For my 30th birthday my Husband purchased me a Speedy 30 bandoulier for my birthday. It is monogrammed “JH”. Luckily for me, my daughter and I share the same initials. ☺️. I did mention to the Husband, should this not work, I’d like a new bag to be outlined in the divorce decree.

    • Can I have the template of that decree?! I want to ensure that I get new merch as well, lol! That’s perfect that your daughter has the same initials. I think I’m going to venture slowly out, by heat stamping my luggage tag. I got nervous just typing that 😫

  3. Luxonthebus

    Wow! I woke up this morning at 5:00 and was just thinking about finally “getting serious”about my mon mono neverfull purchase. Is this a sign?😂

  4. Anonymous

    Wow! I’m excited to be here. New to your IG, YouTube Blogs, Vlogs and Poshmark . I must say I’m so glad I accidentally found your page and so much more. I’ve been purchasing and buying LV monogram purses, totes, SLG and all things costed canvass since my High school days in 1979 – 1982. I have monogrammed only Two pieces my damier speedy, and heat stamped the luggage tag on my duffel bag as well as location! 😊

    • Bonjour mon amie and Beinvenue! I thank you endlessly for joining me! OMG!!! I know your collection is AMAZING! I try to only purchase pieces from the 70s. As expensive as LV is now, the quality is HORRIBLE. I thank you again for taking a moment to message me ❤️

  5. Cheryl

    I’m new to your blog and just discovered your YouTube a few days ago. I finally purchased my Mon Monogram Neverfull about 1 year ago. I’ve wanted that bag for so long but didn’t do it because I’m divorced but still carry the hyphenated name. What initials do I use? I finally used the initials I was born with. Went all the way back and I love it. They way I see it is it doesn’t matter how many times I marry, I will ALWAYS be vintage me. 😂🤣

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