Le Gift from Nespresso

Bonjour mes amies !

OMG! It has finally happened!

Nespresso gifted moi avec une machine (links to machines below.)

Merci beaucoup Nespresso for the gift of coffee.

But the GRANDEST merci beaucoup is to every mes amies who has ever tagged me in their Nespresso posts; DM’d (direct message on Instagram) about purchasing a machine because of my posts and the overall love and support.

Coffee is such a vast part of the brand that I am slowly building.  While this gift may seem small to some, it’s an enormous deal pour moi.

Being recognized by an international coffee brand with over 700 boutiques in 68 countries is a marker that I am en route to my dreams.

I appreciate you all more than you know.

Ciao for now 💋


Rose Gold (featured in my video.)
Matte Black


Glass Top
Black Top

Glassware (similar):

Glass (Insulated)

Milk Frother

My First Nespresso

Café Art:

Pochette & Frappes
Pink Kate
Gucci & Louboutins


  1. Melissa James

    Oh my goodness. That looks like a great system. They knew what they were doing giving you a free one. Have me looking at one 😂


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