Made in Paris: Louis Vuitton Snob

Bonjour mes amies!

I will admit, I am a Louis Vuitton snob.

Not the “if you don’t have LV you can’t sit with me” kind of snob, but a “what country was your LV made in?” snob.

What country was your LV made in?

It may come as a surprise but I am trés, trés partial to all things French (but don’t get me started on Haiti, the internet would shut down my blog.)

Avec moi love for la français craftsmanship, I’ve always held my head high knowing that (most) of my LV pieces were purchased and created in France. For years, “Made in France” meant something.

Grab a cappuccino or a glass of cabernet and a spare strand of pearls to clutch as I show you my trois, contemporary “Made in France” Louis Vuitton pieces that needed repairs.

If you’ve had your new LV pieces repaired, do share your experience below.

Ciao for now💋


  1. KAREN

    Great video. Short and concise. I remember years ago my mom had a Speedy bag that was purchased in Paris. Something happened to the zipper. It would not zip. We took it to Saks in Bethesda, MD and dropped it off for an estimate. After a few weeks we were informed that it was damaged and they would not repair it. She ended up finding a cobbler who worked in Baltimore. The repair just required just a new slider. The cobbler happened to have a LV slider in his inventory. This happened in the 90’s and I know the cost was nominal.

    • Wow! She had to pay for the repair? I thought they would’ve replaced the zipper. That’s so upsetting. I justify spending so much for the items because I expect them to last and be repaired if damaged. Do you all still have the Speedy?

  2. Lola

    Wahoooo congratulations on the Nespresso 🥳

  3. Andrea

    Ahh.. my first LV made me so happy to have been made in France or Spain. I’m not really picky where my items come from but will definitely love to purchase a piece in France some day.
    As for repairs I have been gracious to have no issues some have been free as it should for these kidney and eye ball prices nowadays!!!
    I have had one repair returned because the canvas was cracked and that can’t be repaired.
    And I had wanted to purchase the porchette to the NF totes because I have the older model purchased pre love and I was told I needed the original receipt of purchase to be able to purchase the porchette as a spare parts order!( I’m saying to myself just sell me this damn wallet money is money) but I understand they trying to keep the integrity of the fashion house🤷🏽‍♀️

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