Creating Wardrobe Goals

Bonjour mes amies!

It’s possible to have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

Creating a wardrobe that you love doesn’t require an unlimited amount of money.

Prior to having disposable income, my closet was the epitome of a capsule wardrobe.

I had a minimal amount of garments, but those who didn’t know were none the wiser.

I created a seemingly abundant wardrobe by ensuring that my fundamental pieces were well made and “classic.”

I use the term “classic” loosely because what is classic pour moi may not be for you. Never feel pressured to check every item from those “Every Woman Should Own These Items” lists.

Not everyone’s complexion is complemented via an LBD. Not every climate is suitable for a trenchcoat.

As I actively work towards creating the wardrobe/closet of my dreams, I’m doing the following:


Thrifted Danish Mink Collar Tweed Suit.

I cannot express this enough; investing does not always correlate with the amount of money spent. Invest time (which is priceless) seeking pieces for your wardrobe that will last more than a season.

Is it easier to buy the fast fashion winter coat or top that appears on your social media feed? Oui. But taking time to source high-quality fabrics and construction is not only worth the investment, but it is sustainable.

Quality over quantity.

The bones of my wardrobe are all quality pieces. I save money or invest time seeking pieces that are well crafted. A great majority of my outerwear is vintage, but the few contemporary pieces that I have, are crafted to perfection.

Instead of purchasing several inexpensive contemporary coats, I found fabrics and prints that weren’t trendy and would add a bit of pizazz to my mostly solid wardrobe.

The outerwear featured above are the most expensive (non-fur) coats that I own, but they are timeless, extremely warm, and last but not least, FABULEUX.

Does it make me happy?

This question may sound silly to some, but clothes have the ability to brighten your day and those who see you.

We’ve all witnessed someone wearing a breathtakingly stunning piece that instantly made us want to chat with them, if for no other reason than to find out where it was purchase.

That mes amies, is a sign of happiness.

I go to great lengths to ensure that my wardrobe contains pieces that make me happy when I see them.

Does the shoe (blouse, skirt, pants, etc.) fit?

Expensive but extremely uncomfortable, they had to go

How much an item cost means nothing; if it’s poorly fitting, you will look and always feel uncomfortable wearing it.

We’ve witnessed the person with the FABULEUX yet trés, trés ill-fitted blouse that must be readjusted every time the person moves. Or the shoes that prevent you from walking to the, well, anywhere because they’re so uncomfortable.

Only buy and keep what fits you, now. If your goal is to gain or lose weight, you will, but until then, do you not deserve to look FABULEUX now?

Creating wardrobe goals are attainable. Once a decision is made to shop with purpose and longevity the rest is a breeze.

Now organizing your closet, that’s another blog/vlog. Let me know if you’d like tips on maximizing space.

Ciao for now 💋

Link to this weeks Youtube vlog:

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  1. S Walker

    Thank you for the reminders and tips to use when I shop and also looking through my closet . Each piece must make me happy.

  2. stephaniexialing

    I love all the tip. I have lots of clothes, but I am so bad at creating new outfits! How can I know what is a good fabric?

    • We tend to wear what we know and what we’re comfortable in; start simple with swapping out accessories—typical after washing. If the fabric stretches, piles, beads, or fades, that a sign of subpar material.

  3. M Strong

    My wardrobe is still very much a work in progress. The hardest thing is seeing how many pieces I have with tags still on them 😭…some are giving me the “what were you thinking” vibe.

    • I know that feeling all too well. As I was reorganizing my closet, I bagged and donated so many pieces that still had tags. I had to force myself to not thinking about the money spent and the plans I had for it. I hadn’t worn the pieces for a reason. It not always easy but we must part with those things that aren’t serving a purpose. Closet real estate is valuable.

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