NYFW: Everything that Glitters.

Bonjour mes amies!

One year ago, an incredibly interesting public relations representative extended me a Media/Influencer invite to attend a fashion show at the renowned: NYFW (New York Fashion Week.)

I gasped!

You could only imagine how thrilled I was. At that time, I had only been blogging and present on social media (Instagram) for a year. I couldn’t believe that anyone wanted me to attend their event in a Media/Influencer capacity.

After receiving the invite, I carefully read over the logistics. At first glance, I had concerns, and I squandered zero time voicing my stance and extensive experience in the fashion industry. I detailed to the PR rep that I was not an “Influencer” in the traditional sense. (New mes amies) I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion Design obtained in Milan, Italy. I was a textile designer in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been a buyer, a visual merchandiser, and once had a clothing line with my collection sold internationally and a showroom in D.C.

It had to be recognized that while I am new to blogging, I have devoted my career and education to the fashion industry. I’ve worked and attended fashion weeks as a patron in Milan, Paris, and DC. But NYFW was a first.

I continued to clarify to the PR rep (via email) that writing a blog or endorsing an experience that I did not believe in wholeheartedly was not an option. After weeks of back and forth (and an agreement in writing), I finally concurred to attend.

I began to get so excited at the thought of sipping champagne alongside models, designers, and, of course, unboxing a gift bag filled with new and extravagant products. As partial as I am to Vaseline (if you’re a mes amies on Instagram, you’ll get the reference), I’d undoubtedly partake in a complimentary $500.00 caviar hand-cream. After all, my hands deserve luxury as well.

As my day of departure neared, there were many red-flags that I continued to overlook (details are shown in the video below.)

Attending (this particular) NYFW show as a Media/Influencer taught me so much about the (pseudo) life of (some) Influencers.

Mes amies, everything that glitters is NOT gold. 

I saw and met beaucoup vloggers, bloggers, and Influencers “attending” NYFW but without a single ticket to a show. Naturally, I semi-investigated. I used Instagram’s geo-tag and #NYFW to spy if some of the Influencers I’d met told their followers that they were attending, i.e., physically present at shows. They did; many of the Influencers signed off of their Instagram Storys (real-time videos that delete in twenty-four hours), telling their followers that they were going inside and couldn’t film. I watched and later saw the photos on Instagram that they’d taken in front of varying NYFW signs while attempting to catch the eye of street photographers.

I was in AWE.

It was at that moment that my trust factor plummeted. How many Influencers aren’t really where they say they are, in a true capacity? And in my case, just how many Influencers would have been willing to blog or vlog about an epic time and fashions they saw at NYFW, or anywhere for the sole purpose of a complimentary trip/products.

I realize that I am incredibly fortunate. I travel the world and shop luxuriously on my own accord, sans sponsored trips and goods. I started blogging to share a life of luxury that I had already established. I do recognize that is not the reality for all bloggers/Influencers. If Influencing were my sole source of income, perhaps I would feel differently. That realization is why becoming a full-time Influencer, etc., scares me. I couldn’t imagine having to mislead those who trust me to ensure that I can support myself.

I can share other questionable Influencer related experiences if mes amies are interested.

Although promised, sadly, there was no champagne. After befriending a staffer, I learned that the PR team hadn’t presented a liquor license to the building’s owner. That $500.00 caviar hand cream? Non. mes amies. While I can’t recall what was exactly in the gift bag that I received, I do know that I gave #jujuthecamerakid the day-glow fidget spinner and matching lanyard that was included.

Of course, I followed up on the Influencers I met to see what they “thought” of the show (although they weren’t in attendance.) A few went as far as to unbox their gift bags. Oui mes amies! I’m assuming that they purchased items solely to unbox to complete their fictitious NYFW experience.

Without further adieu, here’s my day- actually attending a show at NYFW.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Ciao for now 💋

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  1. Kim

    Well, I ran straight here from IG! You confirm what I suppose I already knew—there’s an incredible lack of authenticity amongst “influencers” and that you are NOT one of them!! You are genuine! Thank you for sharing yourself!

    • Merci beaucoup Kim! I thank you so much for taking your time to read and watch. The more I grow in this space, the more I learn about the extreme lengths many “Influencer” feel they must go for likes, follows, and gifts.

  2. Shirlunda

    So tickled at this statement, “Of course, I followed up on the Influencers I met to see what they “thought” of the show (although they weren’t in attendance.) A few went as far as to unbox their gift bags.” I am not shocked by this at all. I have gone to two Fashion shows in New York and you definitely see how a lot of people put on and do the most to be seen. But over they were great experiences to be a part of.

    • I couldnt believe it! People were leaving their friends and stumbling over one another trying to desperately catch the eye of a street photographer. There’s even an option to buy faux paprazzi/photographers to follower you. ABSOLUTELY insane.

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