Now & Laters: Why We Should Enjoy Life Now

Have you ever had the (mis)fortune of eating a Now & Later candy? 

J’adored those glucose soaring treats as une petite fille.  J’adored them most because as the name implied, I would eat the candy “now” and flick the remains lodged in my teeth much “later” in the day for a sugary surge.   

The candies of my youth bring back so many memories. 

I can still remember all of the “laters”:

Hearing the adults in my life say that they would take a vacation “later” in life. 

Viewing the decorative plates being stored in my Grand-meres china cabinet for a more special time, much “later” of course.

I can still feel the fox fur stole that had both the animal’s head and feet attached that hung in the back of ma mere’s closet. In which she was saving for a fancy event, never scheduled just “later.”

I rarely remember any of the “nows.”

Unfortunately, many of my loved ones fail ill or passed just after (or before) retiring so traveling “later” in life never happened. 

The decorative plates? Many were broken during WWE-esq wrestling tournaments between my cousins and me.

Ma mere’s fur stole? It was probably stolen or lost before she could ever wear it. 

Those lessons from my childhood have certainly sculpted the woman you have come to know today. 

I enjoy all of life’s petit luxuries

Now & Later  

I wear designer shoes to make price adjustments at Target. 

I eat Raman or lobster from fine china for lunch on a random Tuesday.

I will drink champagne (PB: Pre-Babbiccina) on a Wednesday evening from crystal flutes, just because.

I wear my freshwater pearls while completing my daily 2.5mi/4km morning walk.

If nothing else I hope that this current pandemic has taught us to value the time that we have, celebrate waking up in a (mostly) stable mental/emotional/physical state, and to not wait for “later.” 

Write the book you’ve put off for years, now.

Enroll in the last course you need to complete your degree, now.

Email the friend/relative you had a fallen out with, now.

Call your parent(s) (if you’re blessed to still have them with you) and say I love you, now.

Cuddle with your pet a few mins longer, now.

Open that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving, now…please, I beg you, I really miss wine.

Live NOW mes amies,

Because what if there is no “later?”


  1. Stephanie

    I totally agree with you! I have so many things that I say I will use/do/wear later and still haven’t fulfilled. Thank you for your post, it’s a nice reminder that we must live now!

    • ABSOLUTELY! We must definitely live now! It’s a scary thought but we never know what tomorrow holds. Living now also includes using LV planners, often 🤭.

  2. Stephanie

    It’s my money and I need it now LOL

  3. Keshaun

    Wow this is so true! I was having this same conversation with a friend recently. I waited all this time to finally get on a plane and can’t because of the pandemic. Prayerfully I’ll still get the chance, but why keep waiting when the time is now. Great read!!

    • Yayyyyyyyy!!! I’m so proud of you!!! Sometimes it takes a slow down or tragedy to make you realize all that you have put off. There isn’t anything we can do about the past, but we can certainly shape our future! Congrats in advance for facing your fear.

  4. Dionne Dean

    So true…I am sad that my father has passed but grateful that I had him for 41 years and was able to tell him how much I loved and adored him EVERY day!

  5. Katelyn Jackson Nnake

    AMEN! We must live in the now, it’s the present — a gift!

  6. pwee3

    If this pandemic has taught us nothing else, it’s to not hold out for a special occasion. Let us live each day to the fullest! Awesome post!

  7. Charlotte Peck

    I just got done reading all of your blog posts and I cant tell you how much I enjoyed each and every one! I read, watched, learned, took notes and savored all your advice and tips. I can tell you we are implementing travel weekends starting with different regions of the country -through food. You have completely inspired this 55 year Midwest gal to try new things, enjoy what I have and continue to shop my lovely consignment stores. I have been reading fashion blogs for years but lately was getting a little bored until I found yours. And I love how you incorporate French within the blog-it makes me reach faaarrr back in my mind to high school French.:) Your beautiful spirit shines through in each post. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Merci beaucoup ma cherie!!! I thank you ENDLESSLY for you time and joining me!!! Messages such as your makes me want to dig deeper and continue to write even when I feel so uninspired. MERCI ❣️

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