Les Petits Luxes: Small Luxuries of Life

Bonjour mes amies!

I don’t know about you put I am certainly embracing and enjoying these moments of stillness.

With the increase of time now being spent at home, I have been able to fulling indulge. J’adore decadence, and that is no secret. I am not a fan of restriction, whether that be dietary or in style.

I want all of the fat in my fromage and all of the fur on my coats.

But not all luxuries have to be expensive or time consuming.

I’m awake at 3-3:30am, and in bed by 20:45. I have to cherish every moment of my time, which is why I believe we must all have our “petits luxes.”

Voici quelques-unes des miennes.


No matter how petit or grand of a space I live in, you will always find candles in every single room.

“I love candles” is an understatement. As if having them scattered around every inch of the house were not enough, we also have a candle cupboard.

This cupboard is reserved for candles only.

Prior to being able to afford expensive brands, I stocked up on candles from anywhere. I had candles from Dollar Tree to Marshall’s.

It wasn’t the brand or necessarily the scent that meant the most to me, it was the luxury ambiance that the glow of a candle created that fully seduced me.


It is evident how much of a role coffee plays in my life, the blog name alone reflects my obsession. Fancy cappuccinos and expensive glassware is not a must when creating a luxury coffee (or tea) experience.

When I didn’t have a machine that automatically brewed and frothed pour moi, I used the essentials (a pot and hot water) and I never feel without. If at the moment (I stress at the moment, because I know wholeheartedly if you are reading my blog posts, you are actively working to gain more) instant coffee is the only option for your budget, spruce it up!

Warm your milk prior to adding it to your coffee so you can create a cafe au lait feel. But ALWAYS, and I mean always, enjoy your coffee of choice in a glass.

The cost of the glass does not matter. Local thrift shops have fabulous glassware for less than a dollar. Do not let finances, or the lack thereof prevent you from making the most of your space.

photo courtesy of @sma13

A “new” book.

Books are expensive, which is why for so many years the library was my mecca. Now that they are closed, you can still access the libraries catalog via their website.

I am not an e-Book-er. The feel of flipping pages is apart of the experience for me.

Which is why it makes my heart SING when I see “Take One Leave One” book cabinets through the city. To participate you simply donate a book and then you can take a book. These book cabinets are solely based on the trust system.

Since the books are free, I’ve had the opportunity to read books that I would have never purchased.

Julia Childs “Herb de provence roasted chicken”


I am an avid traveler.

Traveling is so much of me that I can’t even begin to describe what the thought of not being able to do so does to me.

But not ever trip I take requires me to leave my home.

I create the experience of travel every moment of the day.

Whether that’s watching a film set in another country, listening to an album that reminds me of a far away land, or using a recipe from an international cookbook.

Here’s an extensive list for Wanderlust.

Make plans.

When I was une petite fille, my favorite thing to do was to cut pictures out of magazine and make lists.

At the age of huit et neuf I had a plan.

I knew when I grew up I wanted to travel the world, have fancy clothes and speak every language there was to speak.

Until this day, I still make plans.

At any moment you can look in my Louis Vuitton GM planner and find an entire tab devoted to my plans (shown in the video above.)

Write out your aspirations. Pin photos to your Pintrest board or take screenshots of images that motivates you.

It doesn’t cost a thing to plan and it is never too late to start.

Et voila mes aimes, those are a few of le petit luxes that I enjoy.

What are your petit luxes?

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Ciao for now 💋


  1. Katelyn Jackson Nnake

    CANDLES, absolument! I have specific candles for my bathroom, bedroom and our living room. Another petit luxe of mine — fresh flowers. There is just something about a pop of hydrangeas or peonies that takes the space to the next level. XO.

    • J’adore the candle scent for every room! Ohhhh, flowers!!! Flowers are such an instant pick me upper. They appeal to every sense. Merci beaucoup for reading and taking time to write me!

  2. Shawanna

    Same, I love candles, fancy glasses, notebooks, my milk frother, tea cups. My little one drinks his apple juice out of one of glasses and he looks like he is enjoying a glass of Brandy.

  3. Kaman

    Thanks for sharing this Jessica, it’s very inspiring. 🌼❤️

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