Quick Tips for Working from Home

Bonjour mes aimes!

I do hope that you all are embracing this much needed time of stillness versus focusing on all that has changed.

I am truly fortunate to work in a profession that offers flexibility. For that, I give thanks and cannot muster the thought of complaining during these uncertain times.

Now, lets get to the small things you can do to assist yourself with working from home.

The first tip sounds so simple, but it must be said.

Get out of bed.

Oui mes amies, you can log-in from anywhere, even your bed. But why would you want to do that?

With the influx of technology, we are always “on” or working. The lines of work-life and home-life are certainly blurred.

We all know that officemate who sends emails at 02:18am. On a Sat. During a holiday weekend.


We are so accessible now. By having the world and office in the palm of our hands, we’ve loosened the reins on enforcing boundaries.

With that, I draw very strict parameters. The bed is no place for office work.

Go to bed.

While on the subject of slumber, be certain to go to bed.

It’s so tempting to stay up well beyond your standard time of sleep because you’re rolling over and logging on to work.

What happens when you’re to return to the office?

The routine that you once had has now been completely interrupted and you must instantly recalibrate to commuting and waking up on time.

While I don’t get fully dressed and have my espresso at 03:45am like I used to, I do however wake up at my normal time.

How I decide to spend that time before I log-in varies upon the day.

Sometimes I read a few chapters of a book, watch a Youtube video, or jot down my dreams. I am a very vivid dreamer and I tend to record them. However, there are times that I go back to bed. But physically getting up (I place my alarm clock across the room) when the alarm sounds ensures that I move at my regular time.

I’m doing my best to sustain a sense of normalcy for my sleeping pattern.

Change clothes.

Although I don’t start my day at 03:30am during these ever changing times, I do however change clothes when I start my day.

Non mes amies, I do not wear heels when working from home (I enjoy wearing my leopard print fuzzy slippers.) I simply do all of the personal grooming I would typically do if I were heading to the office.

For the most part I am just switching into “lounge” wear. But the change from night to day attire physically and mentally marks a new start to me.

There is an exception.

When I have a teleconference, I actually get dressed. As stated in a previous IG Story, being dressed in office wear, makes me feel more focused, engaged and assertive while on conference calls.

Apply lipstick or lipgloss.

I don’t wear a full face of makeup while home. I actually don’t even fill in my brows, I do however apply a bit of color to my lips. Not my standard rouge-matte lip, but a nice flesh tone gloss. That little dap of lip color makes me feel so pulled together.

Spray a spritz of fragrance.

I love scents! On any given day I am likely to be swathed in at least four scents. From body wash, moisturizers, oils and parfumes, I really don’t have a signature scent. My selection of fragrance is often based on the season, what I’m wearing and my over all mood. Now that I am home more, I still make a point to spritz at least one scent before starting my day.

Along with lip gloss and changing clothes, this small act helps me to feel more present in my extremely reduced morning routine.

Enjoy a cappuccino (or tea) before logging on.

This is something I have always done. I REALLY enjoy my cappuccino time and I never want it solely correlated with work. Whether I am working or not, I always drink an espresso. Even when commuting to the office, I make a point to enjoy my morning espresso prior to leaving for the day. With so many other Parisian (and most European countries) obsessions I have, j’adore the art of enjoying un café in a ceramic/glass cup vs. a to-go cup.

Even though I am not commuting right now, I still enjoy my coffee prior to logging on.

It’s my time.

Take a break.

I am so guilty of this. When I work from home, I never take lunch breaks. That must change. This week, I have set the goal of allocating a specific time to log off and enjoy my lunch.

Give thanks.

If you are reading this post, more likely than not you are working from home. If not, merci beaucoup for your support even though this post doesn’t apply to you.

There are so many people whose entire financial well being has been turned upside down during this time of social distancing and self isolation. While we enjoy extra time producing content, starting new hobbies and engaging on/offline with friends/family, those without job flexibility are scrambling to secure basic needs for their families.

Not all who must physically work are facing financial woes.

Mental, emotional and physical strains are affecting: doctors, funeral directors, first responders, and many other healthcare professions who do not have the option to work from home.

I am beyond grateful for the space that I am in professionally.

I have vowed to express zero frustration or complaints during this time because my favor triumphs fear, any day.

How do you start your day when working from home?

Ciao for now!

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