Get Dressed: Even When Working From Home

Bonjour mes amies!

Over on Instagram, I’ve been challenging mes amies near and far (Virginia Beach, Va to Venice, Italy) to get dressed!

There’s an increasing number of employers that are promoting telework and of course there are those who are self employed. For those of us who never (or only telework intermittently) working from home continuously is a new world.

While we may not all be new to working from home, we are all new to social distancing.

With more and more States (other countries have implemented this public health action months ago) mandating stay at home orders, it’s only natural to want to be comfortable i.e. not parting with your pajamas..

I want to change that.

I want us all to get excited about the new day. Dress as if you are going to run into your favorite celebrity (or crush.) Make your partner or video chat companion ask “where are you going.” But most of all, do this for you!

In “Quick Tips for Working From Home” I shared the importance of getting dressed.

Getting dressed changes everything! Your mood, your attention span, your desire to be present (virtually now a days.)

Here’s a quick video of me prepping for my day of working from home.

Video from Instagram Stories

Et voila mes amies!

We must do what we can to keep our spirits lifted during this time. Grande or petit, lets enjoy all of le petit luxe of life.

Are you getting dressed? OR at the least, switching pajamas?

Ciao for now!

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  1. Katelyn Jackson Nnake

    I got semi-dressed today and definitely feel as though it impacted my mental in a positive way!

    • Yayyyyyyyy!!! That makes me so happy! Getting dressed even while home certainly has a physiological impact. Congrats ma cherie!

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