Laisse moi manger du gâteau s’il vous plait: Labels in the Workplace

Bonjour mes amies!

I didn’t know this was an issue, until I knew it was an issue. 

Luxury items in the work place.

When I started consistently posting daily #ootd in my IG Story, I began to receive sporadic messages such as “Wow! You’re wearing that to work?”

What I thought were random inquiries slowly turned into more piercing questions, such as:

“What do you say when people make comments about your designer items?” 

“Are you ever concerned that someone will steal them?” 

“Do you think wearing flashy items will keep you from getting prompted?”

“Would you wear monograms on an interview?” 

Merci beaucoup, Non, Non, and Oui.

For the most part, Americans spend more time commuting and at work than at home.  So, if I don’t wear my pieces to work, when will I? 

I don’t believe in “saving” items or pieces for special events.  Is waking up everyday with the mental and physical ability to create new experiences not special enough?

Me celebrating every new day that I am granted is very new. In addition to celebrating each day, I also use a cost-per-wear analysis to justify the cost of luxury pieces.

Now, lets address a very real reality:

Everyone has an opinion about you.

Those opinions can be great, or they can be not so great.  The question is, does their opinion regarding what you’re wearing truly matter? 

While luxury brands in the workplace isn’t covered by Equal Employment laws, being discriminated or not considered for a promotion because you don’t appear to need the money is a huge issue.

Your merit should NOT be based off your perceived financial needs.

Promotions, bonuses, etc. should ONLY be based off of work ethic. 

I am not naïve. I do realize that appearance and tangible things are often a huge topic of decision in the work place and its so ridiculous.

I don’t question (better yet speak ill) what anyone spends their money on, especially an officemate.  En réalité I am the officemate/friend that will encourage you to “buy that bag!” 

It’s a new day and office environments must evolve.    

Millennials are not here for the antiquated antics. Side note, I didn’t know that I was a millennial.

Gone are the days of our parents.  Swapping out “flashy” wedding rings for an understated band while in the office. Not discussing upcoming vacations and staying at one job until retirement are all une chose de passe.

Millennials are living everyday as if it were a gift and tagging supervisors from the international departure lounge in the process.   

So much of the day is spent in an office setting. Why not feel amazing and wear the piece(s) you were so excited to purchase?

You’d be so surprised how many people you can encourage and inspire by just being yourself.

Always remain the light, even if you’re placed in darkness.      

There still remains a large number of people (especially women) who feel that they must be modest or coy in the place of work.

I say, NON

I will remain who I am in and outside of the office.

Lock bun obstructing views, fur dragging on the floor, while taking notes in my Louis Vuitton agenda. Shamelessly.

How do you feel about monogramed luxury items in the workplace?

Ciao for now 💋