Bonjour mes amies!  Over on IG, I asked mes amies to provide blog and video ideas so I could batch write in preparation for the birth of "Babiccina."  Let this post serve as a comprehensive guide for purchasing gifts for every personality type in your life that appreciates gifts outside of the standard box. Without [...]

Haute Hosiery

Of course, I can remember where I was and what I was wearing the MOMENT I saw Gucci's logo hosiery. I was SOLD. Instantaneously. But then, just when I had made my final decision to enter the realm of designer hosiery, I was halted. The infamous interlocking black GG webbed hose was sold out everywhere. [...]

Hello Chanel-O

I do NOT baby my bags. At all. Luxury lovers would oust me if they saw the way I maneuvered with these coveted pieces. These belles have been: Tossed repeatedly in the back of carsStuffed in tiny chartered plane overhead bins and the most “fatal” offense:Falling out of a moving jeep during a safari tour [...]

En Vogue

I can recall sitting in my AP US History class watching the clock. I couldn't wait to get home. I wasn't rushing home to wait by the phone for a teenage love to call. I was anxiously awaiting the delivery of my actual love: VOGUE The moment I cracked open the publication, my first stop [...]