Have Bloggers Replaced Fashion Journalists?

Bonjour mes amies! Are fashion journalists a thing of the past? There was a space in time when many thought that bloggers were replacing the coveted fashion journalist. But before answering this question, do you know the difference between the two professions?

It is pretty safe to say that fashion journalists and fashion blogging serve different purposes and cater to different audiences.

Fashion journalists typically work for established media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Fashion journalists are often trained professionals with expertise in fashion history, journalism, industry trends, and analysis. Fashion journalists provide in-depth reporting, critique fashion shows, interview designers, cover industry events, and offer expert analysis and commentary on fashion-related topics. Most fashion journalists, because of their connection to media outlets, have established relationships with designers, brands, and industry insiders, which gives them access to exclusive information and behind-the-scenes insights.

Fashion bloggers typically build their own platforms (which I will say is NOT as easy as it looks) in the form of blogs or social media channels to share their personal style, fashion tips, and opinions. Bloggers, for the most part, focus on showcasing their own outfits, styling tips, and product recommendations. Even with a significant following and influence in the digital space, fashion bloggers’ content tends to be more personal and relatable versus structured and editorial.

Paris Fashion Week

Fashion bloggers were once seen as unqualified or hobby driven, which is now far from the truth. While there are beaucoup fashion bloggers who solely have a “passion for fashion,” many fashion bloggers (such as myself, although I do NOT consider myself a fashion blogger) have been educated in the likes of fashion. With a degree in fashion design and beaucoup experience, the only thing that separates me from a fashion journalist is a job at a media outlet.

Fashion bloggers, just like fashion journalists, collaborate with brands, attend fashion events, and participate in sponsored campaigns.

While fashion blogging has gained popularity and influence in recent years, it hasn’t completely replaced fashion journalism. Fashion journalists still play a crucial role in providing authoritative and in-depth coverage of the industry, conducting investigative reporting, and analyzing fashion trends from a broader perspective. Many established media outlets continue to employ fashion journalists and maintain their relevance in the industry.

It’s worth noting that the rise of digital media has led to some convergence between fashion journalism and fashion blogging. Traditional fashion journalists often maintain an online presence and engage with their audience through blogs and social media. Similarly, some fashion bloggers have transitioned into more journalistic roles, offering deeper analysis and reporting on fashion-related topics.

Fashion bloggers have had a significant impact on the fashion industry and have gained popularity among certain audiences, which I believe was much needed to expand representation; fashion journalists continue to have a distinct role and influence in providing in-depth coverage, analysis, and expert opinions.

The two professions coexist and contribute to the diversity and richness of fashion media, but I don’t foresee one replacing the other.

What do you think, or which do you prefer? Fashion blogs or fashion magazines?

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Anonymous

    I love a good magazine flip through. There’s nothing like it. I still purchase magazines and even get back issues I’ve missed, especially the September issue. I can peruse for hours.

  2. Product_snob

    I like both

  3. Jennifer

    I prefer both. The only reason I still prefer a magazine is because of down time and when I fly, I prefer to read.

  4. Sherie Durand Tazewell

    Both – Nothing like flipping pages in your favorite magazine

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