SUSTAINABLE FASHION | DIY Painting Leather Boots

Bonjour mes amies! Even with a degree in Fashion Design, I rarely make anything for myself. I guess that’s equivalent to the hairstylist who constantly wears their hair in a ponytail.

There are beaucoup factors that contribute to why I don’t make clothes anymore, but we can save that for another blog.

While I don’t create entire pieces, I am no stranger to making an off-the-rack garment (or accessory) my own via a DIY (do-it-yourself) project.

My latest project was a beautiful pair of boots I picked up last Fall. The stark contrast in color made me fall in love avec les belles. Mais, that novelty quickly wore off.

The beautiful boots were neutral; a hue rarely showcased in my wardrobe. But I purchased them because I have a few pieces that needed a subtle shoe. The issue with these belles became the contrast that I once loved, if I wore a neutral dress, the black top of the boots made my entire look, off.

I considered searching for a new, completely neutral boot, but I quickly vetoed that thought.

1. I am très selective about my footwear because I do not change my shoes. I wear heels all day whether I’m walking eight or eighteen-thousands steps.

2. Although I can walk the rest of my days in heels, I have very thin calves, so snug fitted over-the-knee boots can be a challenge to find.

Le boots du jour checked every need off my list, so I had absolutely zero desire to reinvent the wheel, well, in the case the “heel.”

So what did I do? I decided to paint them.

The moment my heart dropped

Oui mes amies, without researching or preparing, I ordered paint and went to work. As a former textile designer, I know that spot checks are a MUST before treating or painting a fabric. Since I wanted these boots to retain a contrast in color, “testing” wasn’t an option (because the paint wouldn’t match the original boot.) Thus, I had to go all in and commit to this project.

After the first paint stroke, my heart dropped! But I trusted that the process would be well worth the anxiety.

Without further adieu, voilà is the grande reveal (if you’re on Insta, you’ve seen the final product.)

I squealed avec absolute delight at the outcome of these belles! May I add that I wore these boots almost everyday in Paris (even in the rain.)

The original black top of the boots would’ve clashed.

The moral of the post is sometimes shopping isn’t the answer. Oftentimes you can recreate what’s already in your closet.

If you’d like to see more of my DIY-style projects, s’il vous plaît, let me know in the comments below.

Ciao for now 💋

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  1. Myrnie Standifer

    The boots came out lovely! This is agreat idea, look in closet and come up with something unique and save some coins!

    • Deborah Williams

      Fabulous touch on the boots.

  2. Danene

    Yes, please share more of your DIY treasures. The boots look like they’re straight from the manufacturer! You do good work and that plaid coat gives me life. Where did you find it?

  3. Sherie Durand Tazewell

    I love your eye for fashion

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