Bonjour mes amies, from Paris! Oui, I am composing this post as I sit at a café taking in the sights and indulging in pure delight.

Well before I had the means to travel extensively and purchase designer goods, I pampered myself in a life of romanticism and overlooked luxuries.

I drank all of my beverages from vintage glassware, I invested in the best bed linens that my budget could buy, and I always, and I mean always, lit a candle upon entering my home.

The warm feel, subtle glow, and familiar scent of a burning candle have always evoked a feeling of luxury pour moi.

I am beyond thrilled to share that my candle collaboration is now live (insert beaucoup squeals.)

filmed in Paris


a meeting at an agreed time and place, typically between two people.

Oui mes amies! This collaboration has been a labor of love.

The initial thought came about over a year ago, as I enjoyed my daily routine of lighting a candle, pouring a glass of wine (or preparing a cappuccino.) While savoring every sip, I would intermittently glance at the glow of a flickering candle and ponder, “What scent would best capture my standards of luxury?”

I wanted my home to be filled with a scent that transported moi.

I instantly began to smell the fragrances that I often wore and adored. When traveling, I began to rely on my sense of smell versus sight. Oui mes amies; I can’t tell you the number of people I met simply because I was sitting at a Parisian café avec mes yeux closed whenever I sipped my café.

“That must be some really good coffee.” A Belgian businessman noted.

“Vous faites de l’art de boire du café.” A woman visiting Paris from Martinique complimented me.

These are just some of the comments I received while researching my introductory candle scent.

I wanted the fragrance of my candle to evoke memories or fantasies.

Beaucoup love and passion went into creating this candle. The name, the vessel, the label, and merci for your purchase cards are filled avec passion. Each candle is HAND POURED, avec adoration. Oui mes amies, there isn’t an assembly line mixing and creating RENDEZVOUS.

The fragrance’s base oils are measured and mixed by hand after every order. The labels I worked endlessly to design (which contain historical secreté rendezvous details) are affixed to each jar, by what you ask, by hand. I am an artist, a storyteller by nature, and I wanted my candle to reflect that.

Every note of RENDEZVOUS is meant to transport you. Perhaps you shared un secrete petit RENDEZVOUS while studying abroad.

Maybe you caught the glance of a stranger while paying your total in the self-checkout line when running errands avec vos enfants.

Oftentimes it’s not what we’ve done but what we could’ve done that transports our thoughts.

Whether you have traveled or long to do so, I want my candle to appeal to your senses and evoke filled or unfulfilled desires.

photo credit @ballsofbeauty

Luxury is a mindset and everything about RENDEZVOUS oozes luxury.

I romanticize every moment of my day. I seek les petits plaisirs that often go unnoticed. I cherish the hugs of loved ones, the stares of admiration from those whom I’ve never met, and the lingering scent of RENDEZVOUS which I will never confirm or deny.

Mes amies will have to wait for my autobiography for those tales.

Life is a luxury, and you, too, should romanticize every moment.

(volume on for full luxury experience)

Click here to experience your first or next RENDEZVOUS.

Merci beaucoup to the mes amies who have ordered their candles and have sent me the most loving messages and feedback about RENDEZVOUS.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Deborah Williams

    Ordered mine. Can hardly wait to experience it.
    I wish you much success!

  2. This Ron-Day-Voo (lol) exudes everything Jess and it gets lit **pun intended** everyday since received. The collab of my 2 faves is le meilleur de tout les temps (the best ever). The description n story behind is has definitely been poured in this jar!

  3. Erin H

    The scent is filled with memories softened with time. Subtle notes emerge as the soy wax begins to liquify. I am transported to locals on undisclosed cobbled streets. The sounds of the city fill my ears. I close my eyes. If I sit very still, for just a moment, I am enveloped in a delicious memory of adventures across the pond. C’était un travail de première classe. Bravo

  4. Product_snob

    Excellent description and I am excited about where my memories will take me as I light the candle for the first time in my new condo… stay tuned congratulations Seour 💖🙏

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