My Non-Luxury Splurges

Bonjour mes amies! If you’re a vintage mes amies, we know that luxury is a lifestyle, and it doesn’t equate to designer labels. I have shared how I have lived a life of luxury well before I ever owned a designer item or had enough money to think about buying designer luxury. Click here to read “Luxury is a Lifestyle.”

Each year that I am blessed to see another year, i.e., become a bit more mature, I learn that some products or experiences I have no desire to skimp on. Do I love finding a great deal? Absolutely, but I will splurge on the following items/experiences:

Personal Hygiene:

In a shopping/day vlog (click here to watch), I shared that I have been struggling to find a natural deodorant. Becoming more aware of the harsh chemicals in many everyday self-care products, I have been putting forth an effort to shop avec more caution.

To date, I have tried over five natural deodorants, and thus far, these two; have been the “best.” I use the term best loosely because switching to aluminum-free deodorants that typically don’t inhibit perspiration is an adjustment. I should also note that I have used these products in the winter months; we shall see how things are once the temp heats up (wish me luck and je suis desolee if we meet during this natural transition time.)

Feminine Care Products:

I have been using all-natural feminine products for quite some time, and these are the items that I always look for on sale. But, if I can’t get a good deal, I will not cut corners, and I will spend the extra shillings. Click here for products (I save a bit of money by adding these items as a delivered subscription.)


Vintage mes amies can attest that petroleum jelly is my absolute go-to! There was a time when my LV Toiletry pouch only contained petroleum jelly for my skin while traveling. While that is still an intricate part of my skincare routine, I have had to up the ante. Again, blessings, upon blessing, being able to see myself mature; however, while I am blessed to see these days, I do want to maintain my skin as best as I can.

Being in such a weird space where I am trying to combat pimples, discolorations, and wrinkles, I must put in more work these days.

Here are some of my go-to products and tools.

Wipes, Mask, Cleanser, (the packaging alone is swoon-worthy) Moisture Gel. I’ve also been using Luxe by Lay’Na products for my travels.


Always buy what you can afford but when you can splurge treat yourself to a day of fragrance shopping and sample each scent that intrigues you. I have several scents that are quite expensive and I shared avec mes amies via a vlog that a gut wrenching experience at London Heathrow has scared me from packing expensive fragrances when I travel (while going through security, I was forced to toss a bottle of Tom Ford.) I shared a safe (knock off fragrances that bear the name, packing etc. as the authentic line can have dangerous ingredients ) and affordable work around that I use to get the scent that I desire at a fraction of the cost. Dossier, was ever so kind to provide a 10% off discount pour mes amies (use coupon code CappuccinosandConsignment5) who are interested in testing out their scents (click here for my full Dossier scent review.)


J’adore traditional all American fast food, but I limit the amount that I consume and I also spend a bit more if I do have a junk food craving. Versus a quick burger and fry, I’ll go to an establishment that has a dine-in (non-restaurant) option but you can certainly takeout.

Because I absolutely LOVE snaking, I now spend more when indulging. Versus standard chips and candy, I buy items with hints of luxury. Anything truffle, (extremely) dark chocolate, and most beverages that sparkle. Most recently, an international treat company sent me a snack pack that made me so happy! The monthly box is filled with unexpected international treats, so the element of surprise coupled with “imported” made me swoon. They also shared a coupon code if you’re interested in checking it out. Click here and use coupon code CAPPUCCINOSANDCONSIGNMENT for 15% off.)

Whole foods, not the store, but actual whole foods. I spend a little extra to get quality groceries. Everything is so expensive these days, and it is trés disheartening that healthy foods can often pack a higher price tag. To get the best price on fruits and vegetables, I always shop in season and find whats on sale. It may not always be my top choice, but hey, we do what we must. Farmers’ markets and international grocery stores are my go-tos.


The days of 2 Buck Chuck are O-V-E-R. Buying $100 bottles of vin are not necessary. There are beaucoup “affordable” (affordable being relative) wine houses that offer quality options. Many grocery stores that sell wine offer discounts if you buy a case. When you find a brand/blend that you are partial to, consider stocking up. I have several international wine subscriptions.


Once disposable income was a thing, I began to spend more on home scents. Candles are EVERYWHERE in my home. I am such a woman of ambiance, and candles are an instant warm and luxurious addition. I have begun to see more affordable soy-based candles available at discount retail stores and that makes me so delighted.

If you did not know, I have collaborated with an AMAZING black-owned woman candle maker, and I have my very own candle. Oui mes amies! This project has been a long time coming, and I cannot stop smiling as I write this. The candle’s official launch will be the week of April 10, 2023. I am not just saying this because I was a part of this creation, but this candle is LUXURY. I have been burning it since I received the sample, and my home always smells like WEALTH!


I am obsessed with luxury lace. This is something that I would splurge on when I shouldn’t have been (financially). When I lived in Milan, Italy, lace and such were much more affordable, but when I got to the States, I had such sticker shock. After almost a year of pregnancy and over a year of nursing, I had to revamp my undergarments. Now that I am “free” (she still rips and tugs at my delicate lace), I am replenishing my undergarment repertoire.

Garment Care

Mes amies often inquire how I have kept fast fashion items for over a decade and how I launder vintage pieces without dry cleaning: technique and products. Click here to read my “Dry Clean” only blog. Regarding products, for years, I’ve used The Laundress. Last year, The Laundress issued a recall on their products, so I’m unable to link my favorites. I still have The Laundress products from over three years ago, which has seen me through this time.

Click here for additional garment care products that I use.

Et voila mes amies! I do hope that you all found value in the not so traditional luxury items that I splurge on.

Now I must know, what are the non-designer items that you splurge on?

Ciao for now 💋


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