Bonjour mes amies! I recently shared a piece of luggage that I had been SWOONING over! Not my Louis Vuitton Horizon that I am absolutely obsessed avec but a (clutch your pearls) CHECK-IN luggage.

Vintage mes amies know that I am the carry-on QUEEN! I pride myself on being able to travel the world for any amount of days avec ONLY a carry-on. Why do I only travel avec a carry-on, you ask? Click here. How do I shop while traveling avec only a carry on, you ask? Click here.

Back to the subject at hand. I have been swooning over a RIMOWA, but truly, I have no desire to spend that much on luggage that I know will be checked in, i.e., mishandled, right now. I am certain I will eventually make the plunge.

Alas, I wanted the aesthetic without the price tag, and when I found this beauty (seen below), I instantly shared it avec mes amies on Instagram and Youtube. A majority of mes amies merci beaucoup-ed me for sharing the love, and others took this DUPE, not a counterfeit (click here to read the difference), as an opportunity to be outright mean.

“I knew all of your designer bags were fake.” Mes amies know that’s a lie.

“LOL, with all those designer bags, you can’t afford the “real” luggage.” That’s also a lie.

The fact of the matter is RIMOWA didn’t invent metal luggage. So calling it “real” is very misleading.

Be that as it may, I am a huge advocate for finding lesser-price items (not counterfeit) to test if and how often you would use the “ultimate” item.

Avec-out further adieu, here are a few of my favorite dupes. Remember, dupes are NOT adorned avec monograms or logos of the inspired designer because that would be a counterfeit.


Oh la la! Mes amies are traveling! The silver (the one I have) is temporarily out of stock.

Click here

Puffer Bag

During New York and Paris Fashion Week (22), I saw this style quite a bit. I will admit it sparked my interest. I’ve searched several designers (Bottega, Mui Mui, and Prada), but this item is too trendy, and I genuinely don’t want to make an investment in a piece that I’m “meh” about.

Click here

Book Tote

While I do have a navy oblique Dior Book Tote (purchased in Paris), I really like other patterns. Do I want to spend over $4,000 on a “play-play” print? I almost did. A few months after purchasing my oblique Book Tote, I was back in Paris and considered buying the leopard print pattern (I purchased the FENDI tote instead.) I longingly gazed at the many pattern options, but I had to be realistic avec moi. Besides the leopard print tote, I wouldn’t “invest” in another patterned Book Tote, so alas, I found this beauty that gives the Tote aesthetics.

Click here

Chanel XXL Travel Flap

I was OBSESSED with the Chanel Travel Flap. Was is the operative word. Sadly, the Chanel Travel Flap does not accommodate my LV Horizon, so while I still have my Travel Chanel, it’s serving zero purpose. If you love the Chanel travel belle but do not want to make the upwards of $10,000 plunge, here’s a darling designer, designer dupe.

Click here

Et voila mes amies, here are a few of my favorite dupes. If you’d like more details on how I decide what to dupe and want to invest in, let me know via the comments.

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Anonymous

    I have been eyeing that Badgley it’s a beauty. ❤️

  2. Product_snob

    Omg I’m in love 🥰 thx for staying in my pocket seour lol 🖤

  3. Tanya

    You and your family will continue to be in my prayers. Remember time heals all hearts!

  4. Anonymous

    I love your latest sunglasses. What brand are they !

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