Jeter dans le sac. Part Deux : Expérience.

“Will those shoes walk for you?”

“Does that coin pouch generate collectors coins?”

“Can the agenda automatically transcribe what’s in your thoughts?”

You name it, I’ve had to answer it. 

Mon mari thinks that I am insane for the amount of money I spend on investment pieces.  But we all know the saying “happy wife, happy life!” 

Until recently, he had never actually gone with me to the boutique to make said purchases.  From solo trips, I would return home giddy trying to express how amazing of a time I had and with the same uninterested expression he’d respond “at the mall?”

Excuse-moi? The MALL? Clutches one-thousand strands of pearls.

Ok, yes, some of the boutiques are in MALLS but there’s something so unsettling about saying that. 

Which sounds like more of an experience:

“I stopped by the mall and grabbed a few things.”

“I had so much champagne while shopping at CHANEL today.”

Yes, the CHANEL nearest me, is in a mall but mon Dieu.  Have some respect!

On our last visit to Paris, we had le petit lad with us so I was out voted with the amount of time I could spend in CHANEL.  It’s amazing how they sit their differences aside and join forces to get what they both want.  With such a short time to spend in the boutique mon mari didn’t get to experience luxury shopping in its entirety. 

On our recent trip to Madrid and London, it was just the two of us.  No voting and no compromising, I planned to spend all the time I wanted in every boutique.

Initially he critiqued everything in sight.  That is until the champagne started to flow!

I couldn’t compose my laughter because it reminded me of my favorite Jack Berger scene from Sex and the City.

In every boutique we were waited on with extreme care and attentiveness.  Whenever we turned, our sales associate was there to address all questions or needs.  There was no (obvious) sense of irritability from the staff.  Everyone there was at our service. 

I pretty much knew what I wanted from Hermes and Balenciaga, but why rush?

I explained to mon mari that (most) luxury brands and products are expertly crafted, not mass produced. The craftsmen behind these pieces receive livable wages as opposed to “sweat factory workers”, and the products are designed to last a lifetime.  But in addition to those things, the cost of luxury goods are so expensive because of the experience you have in store and the packaging. 

What other stores can you go to and spend hours drinking actual champagne? Not prosecco, not cava or sparkling wine.  Champagne.  What store can you return an item from ten years ago because of imperfections?  What store gives you calfskin shopping bags upon the completion of sale?  I will agree, some of the prices are ridiculous considering that selected pieces are now being mass produced.  That’s why I remain very selective about what I purchase retail. 

Despite what sales associates or brand ambassadors may say, there are huge differences in many pieces made today vs. ten years ago.  As a fashion design major, I have an extensive understanding of construction and fabric.  I also worked in a silk factory while studying in Italia.  The factory produced scarves for lavish Italian design houses, Dior and Hermes.  There are truly levels to the craftmanship involved with making certain products.   

Whether you’ve saved for a Hermes paperclip or a $15,000 Birkin bag, your hard-earned money deserves the fullest experience.  Make the absolute most of it! When my dearest cousin Phoenix wanted to purchase her first Louis Vuitton, I told her we should make an entire day of it, and that we did.  We drank mimosas on a 06:00 am Amtrak to NYC (it’s totally appropriate to drink at that hour when orange juice is present.)  We indulged in the fanciest cappuccinos while trading secrets with consignment shop owners and dined at my favorite French onion soup restaurant.  And finally, when we arrived at Louis Vuitton in SoHo we drank champagne and Perrier until we almost floated away.  You’ve already paid for all services provided by the boutique.  Partake.

Below are short clips from our luxury shopping experiences in Madrid.

Always keep this is mind.

You buy a pack of gum. 

You experience luxury shopping.     

What has been your best shopping experience to date?


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