I Got Carried Away? In the Summer, I Dream of Fall/Winter

1 August marks the end of summer.  In my book. 

I’ve always operated on cinq seasons:

Hiver, Printemps, Été, Pré-Automne et Automne

I’m uncertain if I can begin to articulate how much j’adore automne et hiver.  Nonetheless, I’ll do my best to convey those feelings.  My birthday is in July and for my birthday trip, I go to great lengths to holiday in countries that are cold. Think Iceland, and South Africa (pictured above.)  J’adore le froid so much that while other ‘grammers are posting sand (which creeps me out) and margarita pics in the winter, I am en Montreal snuggling in a fur stole, drinking the reddest wine I can find.

Since September begins a new year in fashion, August is the month of (wardrobe) resolution planning.  Instead of “I’m joining a gym and eating a salad a day.” Think “I’m going to purge pieces I no longer wear.  I’m going to finally get the hem adjusted on that skirt.” Or my personal favorite “I’m going wear everything in my closet.”

In preparation for the (fashion) new year, I’m slowly adding pieces to my existing wardrobe.  This automne I’m planning to add the following styles, prints and colors into my classic mix.

Un.  Prints.

I certainly will not get lost in any corn maze because I’ll be adorned in prints, prints and plus prints! Snakeskin, floral, leopard ohhhh my!

Deux.  Monogram Monday but Everyday.

Louis Vuitton shoes, London
Fendi wallet, Madrid
Louis Vuitton necktie, Madrid

Prior to being on trend, I have always included monogram in my daily ensembles.  Splashes of classic monos will forever be a go-to pour moi.

Trois.  It’s not a scarf, it is HERMES.

Christian Dior necktie, Madrid

Scarves and twilly’s (irrespective of the designer/brand) will be in constant rotation this pumpkin spice latte season.

Quatre. Testing textures.

Texture makes everything plus interesting. I’m often asked how I can wear black nonstop. It’s elementary my dear, texture. Fur, suede, lace or leather. Adding visual variances is always an intriguing choice.

Cinq.  Think. Pink!

One of my go-to films

There’s something so je ne se quoi about adding a splash of pink to the mostly muted colors of automnes fashion repotorie.

Have you started pondering your automne ensembles? Am I the only person who writes lists? If not, what’s on yours?

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Phoenix

    that blush coat with pearl accouterments are ERRRRYTHINGG

  2. Tush

    Loving your shoes and their designs!!

  3. Stacey Mac

    Prints will be in my fall and winter looks. On the hunt for a nice pair of leopard print shoes. Exciting its almost Pumpkin season!

  4. Ngozi Tabbs

    Jessie great publish. Phylicia told me how to view this blog in it’s entirety. I’m lost in time reading and enjoying it. I like how you say it like you mean it……😊👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • OHHHHHHH EMMMM GEEEEE! I am beyond honored that you took time to read my little ole blog!!! And used brown emoji hands 🙌🏾 thank you so much for your support! It has been a long journey but I’m loving it!

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