Finding My Purpose When I Thought I Knew It

Bonjour mes amies! As I sat anxiously awaiting an email from what I thought would be confirmation that I was walking in my content-creating purpose, I felt moved to record a video sharing the moment I realized:

I was living a life that I didn’t remember signing up for.

I was terrified.

What would my family think? What would the brands that I’d been courting think about my very raw emotions?

Even after thinking I had created a life of freedom, I was still constrained to someone else’s beliefs.

I decided to record the following video, and I had no clue just how much my life would change.

After sharing this video, my inbox was FILLED and my 1:1 calls were BOOKED.

Beaucoup mes amies confided in me that they no longer recognized the person they were today.

Mes amies also shared that (just) buying a pretty dress wouldn’t change their long-term feelings.

Will style continue to be a part of my platform?

Without question!

How others see us before we even speak is a reality.

But through life, experience, and beaucoup trials and error, I know that additional work is needed in conjunction with creating a new wardrobe.

I finally see what mes amies have told me via comments for so long.

I provide more than trends and travel information. I provide inspiration and motivation to live and love the life that you deserve.

Merci beaucoup mes amies for your continued love and support through so many chapters of my life.

I knew this year would not just be the year that I lost my beloved ma mère. It has become the year I began to walk in my purpose fully.

If any of this resonates avec vous or someone you love, consider booking or gifting a 1:1 call avec moi by clicking here.

You will never regret investing in yourself.

Ciao for now 💋


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