How to Make An Economy Flight Luxurious

Bonjour mes amies! Flying Business and First Class was not always an option pour moi. Departing to a destination that required a flight was a luxury.

Oddly enough, one of my first flights was over huit-heures. Of course, never having experienced Business or First Class, I didn’t think that I was missing out on anything.

It wasn’t until my first time flying First Class flight that I vowed to never fly Coach again. That sentiment didn’t last long.

Who wouldn’t want to fly Business or First Class on every flight? But sometimes, the option isn’t available, (and financial decisions aren’t the primary reason.) If you are a new mes amies, I take tres, tres, long flights at the tres, tres, last minute for a tres, tres, short times (click here to read more about my petite voyages.) With my last-minute jet-setting personality, more often than not, all of the premium classes are booked.

As not to ever become ungrateful for having the option to take last minute international flights, I have implemented beaucoup ways to make any flight luxurious.

Select your seat ASAP

If you have to option to pick your seat, do so, immediately. Even if your unable to get premium class, many airlines now offer “premium economy.” Depending on the airline that may include additional legroom, priority boarding, or free luggage. If none is an option, still picking your seat of choice (assuming you’re a window or aisle seater) will ensure that you are at least comfortable with your location.

Have Spa Time

If you’re flying a long-haul flight and especially an overnight flight, do not neglect your skincare routine. Bure sure to pack your toiletries in your personal item or carry-on. I know that nothing compares to the hot towels provided in First Class, but you can create your own luxury. Use a moisturizing sheet mask, pack your eye mask and ear plugs, and a bit of essential oils dabbed on your temples.

Create a Vibe

Irrespective of class, I do not rely on the airline for entertainment. Oddly enough, now, as an entrepreneur, my flight is filled with working as opposed to relaxing. But if I force myself to “unplug,” I have movies or a series pre-downloaded onto my tablet. When I want to really “unplug,” I listen to a well-crafted musical playlist or podcast. Using time airborne to catch up on a popular show that you otherwise wouldn’t have time to binge on land is the ultimate luxury.

Bon appetit

There’s a common misconception that you can’t take food on a plane. Packing (certain) foods are permissible (liquids rules are different.) If you find yourself hungry mid-flight or simply don’t want to eat what’s on the menu, pack your own (non-fragrant) feast. Create a cheese board, unpeel a banana, ask for hot water and prepare your café before landing, but most of all, hydrate! I like to use this bottle because I’m reminded to drink x amount of water during a specified time. I fill my bottle after going through security at filtered water stations now located in most airports.

Electronics du Jour

I always travel with a portable charger, cords, and corded earphones. Wireless connectivity for inflight entertainment is rare; if you plan to use entertainment provided by the aircraft, be prepared. I’ve also heard that come budget flights CHARGE for headphones.


Mindful thinking is the ultimate luxury. We can make any situation good or bad with our thoughts alone. Find an inspirational podcast or quote to listen to continuously while onboard. Not only will you land in peace, but your mood when dealing with hectic airports will be more balanced.

Et voila mes amies, here are a few of the tips I use to make economy flights more enjoyable. Of course there’s more but for the sake of attention spans, I’ll end here. If you’re interested in knowing more of tips, let me know below.

Health tip. Before any flight, I always stock up on immunity vitamins.

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Ciao for now 💋


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    ahhhh This was right on time! I am headed to St. Maarten in December I always struggle on what to pack in regards to food and I dont check bags because I hate waiting at baggage claim so packing water never happens. the cost of the bottled water in airports is just plain ridiculousess! Thanks for another great read.

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