Traveling avec Un Ami

Bonjour mes amies!

Vintage mes amies know that I enjoy traveling alone. But The Husband prefers that I don’t.

There are multiple reasons I prefer to travel alone, but the primary reason is that I like to do my own thing. Over on Insta, I shared a few tips on traveling avec un ami; here, I’ll include those tips and elaborate more. Besides, I haven’t checked in avec mes amies on the blog in some time; this is a long-overdue catch-up.

As anti-companion as I once was about traveling, I will admit, having someone that you work well with present is a delight. To ensure that you and your travel companion are compatible, here are a few tips on voyager avec un mes amie.

Is Time of the Essence?

This may sound bizarre, but what are your relationships with time? Are you both morning or late sleepers? This matters, especially if you’re sharing a flat. Understanding how your travel partner views time will save unnecessary strife regarding daily schedules. Time plays such a pertinent part in every aspect of travel.

Oú sont les toilettes s’il vous plait?

If you’re sharing a flat or hotel room, how many bathrooms are available? Do you take hours to get ready (this circles back to time), or can you get dressed faster than the speed of light? Determining who should start their day in the bathroom first can set the tone for the day and, ultimately, the trip.

Sir, Yes Sir!

Pigeon Cafe, Montreal

Do you plan everything to the second? Do you get anxious or upset if plans are not punctual/kept? Do you prefer strict schedules, or is taking a casual stroll more of your idea of a vacation? I am a classic Type A-free spirit. I decide what sights/activities I want to see, and the time of day that I will see said sights will happen organically. I prefer not to have strict schedules because en route; I may stumble upon an art gallery opening or café (pictured above) that captivates me…or meet un nouveau ami. My laisse-faire approach to travel would not mesh well with a drill sergeant, pardon moi, strict schedule, scheduler. I will note that due to COVID restrictions, I had to adhere to a bit of a schedule in Montreal. Many museums and restaurants required reservations.

On My Own

Are you ok being alone? Not everyone is comfortable exploring a foreign city alone. If one person wants to relax and the other wants to go, this can cause tremendous friction. Before scheduling a trip, discuss this topic. If both parties are comfortable with alone time in the hotel or out on the town, planning a day of separation could be a great idea.

Photo Shoot

I took this photo using a tripod

Now that I vlog/blog/create content, I ensure that my travel companion is okay with me doing so. They don’t have to be in the vlog, but they must understand that I’ll be recording throughout (some of) the trip. With that, it’s also essential to “log off” and enjoy time avec vos amis without a camera rolling (especially if they aren’t active on social media.)

Is your travelmate okay with taking photos of you?

This may sound odd, but I have witnessed firsthand travel buddies being annoyed at their friends for asking them to take photos. Again now that I am super active on social media, I know on any trip (excluding a romantic getaway avec The Husband), I will want photos for content. If I know before departing that my travel companion is irritated by such a request, I will pack the necessary items needed to take pictures on my own.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Via the comment section of the Insta post related to this blog, a mes amies mentioned temperature. Why this never crossed my mind is beyond me because the battle of hot versus cold is fought every night in my home. If sharing a flat with a travelmate, the temperature will matter. Does the air conditioner need to be on for you to go to sleep? Do you prefer natural air, thus forgoing heating and cooling? Or do you turn the thermostat to sauna every night before tucking yourself in?

All About the Benjamins Baby

Money certain matters when traveling as a duo. Prior to departing, setting budgets or disclosing any expensive interests can help avoid misunderstanding while traveling. The subject of money is so crucial to moi because vintage mes amies know, where I am now is not where I have always been. Just because someone has enough money to purchase a flight (or any mode of transportation) and secure lodging does not mean they have money to dine at Michelin Star restaurants every night. I love Opera and the theatre, and I am now in a place where I can afford to attend these events. Not everyone will be okay with paying 150€ to attend a show. I also love luxury shopping. Will your travel partner be uneasy if you visit multiple shops with price points out of their budget?

This list can go on forever, but for the sake of attention spans, I’ll end here.

If you have additional plus one travel tips s’il vous plaît, leave them below. Take a moment to watch my Montreal travel vlog avec ma dear ami Stephanie on Youtube (don’t forget to subscribe.)

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Clara

    Thank you so much for sharing this post!!!
    I love you, Jessie! Nice to hear from you!

  2. Elle A.

    DITTO! I much prefer solo travel but when someone wants to tag a long with me, I consider all of the things you’ve listed her. You cannot travel with just anyone! Choose partners wisely!

  3. Zajuana

    Thanks for sharing. Great advice!

  4. Millicent B.

    Good morning Jessie! oddly enough, traveling international solo is on my bucket list. Since I am horrible with direction, I get anxiety just thinking about being in a foreign airport and how I will get to and fro. its a whole thing. *faints* just thinking about it. Lol. sigh . . . I love not having an agenda and window shopping I can look for hours and not purchase OR I can shop until I drop amd have numb arms!!! Which my one travel buddy is not a shopper so she will just let me go off into the sunset. I need a new travel buddy-🧐 let me see how I can accompany you😉😅

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