The Power of Nondescript Pieces

Bonjour mes amies!

Since I was une petite fille, I longed for the day that I could adorn myself in the most expensive labels, enter luxury boutiques, and make purchases.

Vintage mes amies are fully aware of my très, très humble beginnings, and how less than huit ans ago, I earned well below the federal line of poverty. In an effort not to bore vintage mes amies I’ll link related posts.

While I haven’t reached my definition of success, I know that I am beyond fortunate to have come thus far.

Maintenant, back to fashion.

After finally reaching the point of financial stability that afforded me the luxury of shopping luxury, I’m slowly finding myself returning to my time of nondescript, non-monogram pieces.

During the said time of financial hardship, I always looked the part. I didn’t go into debt trying to buy the latest fashion; I simply thrifted, consigned, and scoured vintage shops.

Since most people tend not to throw away or donate monogrammed luxury pieces, I filled my cart with high-quality, understated logo-less attire. Cashmere coats and sweaters, genuine leather skin skirts, Brazilian leather shoes (one the BEST leathers) and beaver furs.

I admittedly looked like a million bucks when in reality, I’d only paid $20 for the complete look.

By no means am I renouncing my love of all things flashy and gaudy, i.e., monograms and overtly designer items but j’adore the conversations that logoless pieces spark.

When I wear my Chanel jumbo flap, I receive compliments. But when I wear ma grand-mères upholstered bag, I engage in meaningful connections.

Late 2021 on Instagram, I sought the help of mes amies . I wanted to wear a fabulous faux leather dress (that I purchased from Target) but I was so confused as to which purse would complement the beauty most.

Via a poll I questioned if mes amies would “sacrifice” a look in order to wear a designer piece. The previously mentioned purse of my beloved grand-mere complemented the dress so well, but I wanted to have a bit of a designer logo in the look.

Wearing designer simply because it’s designer is a thing that very few people will admit too. Being viewed a materialistic, shallow, etc. is often associated with such a mindset. To my surprise, many mes amies admitted to wearing items solely because it’s designer.

Can you guess which bag I chose?

Vintage ultimately prevailed! I did add a bit of monogram avec le bandaeu and earrings.

There is something so je ne said quoi about not having a “Google-lable” ensemble. When you’re wearing pieces that are nondescript, people must ask:

“Where did you buy that?”

Maintenant, I must ask, do you wear designer items just because its designer? Or do you prefer less recognizable pieces?

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Ciao for now 💋

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